Sneak Peek – TD Exclusive Arc’teryx Cloak LT In Wolf

In this video by Tactical Distributors, Über Group announces the Omega line and the new Arc’teryx LEAF Cloak LT. The Cloak LT will initially be available in Wolf, with MultiCam coming Spring 2014. It’s made from a patented fabric that was developed with Gore, and is designed for use in cover and concealment, shelter, and escape and evasion.

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23 Responses to “Sneak Peek – TD Exclusive Arc’teryx Cloak LT In Wolf”

  1. Stephen says:

    Always innovating, those guys…


  2. Bill GaTes says:

    is this a joke?

  3. GKoenig says:

    Damnit so much!

    All the buildup, and I was hoping we could *finally* buy one of those neat capes that Arc’Teryx makes for the homeless of Vancouver every year. Having one of those in Wolf to throw in the bottom of my EDC pack for unexpected showers would be fantastic!

    • jack says:

      I was so hoping for the same thing!

      Damn you guys!!! I wouldn’t even be surprised if it actually sold…

  4. ERock says:

    Needed that laugh. Well done, David!

  5. Paul says:

    Thank you for wasting several minutes of my life.

    Try selling them as hoodies too….they’ll go over big in the inner city.

  6. chip says:

    im so getting one

  7. D2 says:

    Same category as the riggers belt? um yeah about that riggers belt….

  8. Kemp says:

    Hilarious, but i’m more interested in the piece at the end of the clothes rack in the background. Looks like a stowable hood goretex piece in wolf, and there’s a wolf colored cap on the table. Nice.

  9. mervo says:

    i also was hoping for the homeless cape, oh well, funny video nonetheless.

    I’m sure there will be a few people taking this seriously and chomping at the bit for this.

  10. Wade says:

    I would describe the design as ultra minimalist. Very Ray Jardine.

  11. Interested in a grey BAC….

  12. Blehtastic says:

    I guess if it was real they would have called it a poncho, but I find it disappointing that this was a joke.

  13. MarkM says:

    Ok, at first, I was, like, “NO CAPES!”

    Then, I wondered if someone was watching hobbits disappear too easily in elven cloaks and too it at face value.

    Then it crossed my mind I’d love this in the right size, Multicam soft shell fabric reversible to urban grey.

    1) Stadium blanket.
    2) Hunting cover/blind/poncho
    3) Emergency car blanket
    4) Summer weight ‘poncho’ liner
    5) expedient shelter for a bug out bag
    6) litter with two appropriate poles
    7) expedient harness to carry out team buddy
    8) blackout curtain
    9) yeah, I’m having fun.

    There was a knifemaker who came out with a new model and in a moment of lightheartedness named it the Frequent Flyer. It became his best seller.

    Don’t let this opportunity pass.

  14. Luke says:

    I think everyone is missing the key feature: “COVER and concealment.”

    That bad mother be bullerproof.

  15. Luke says:


  16. JW says:

    first product fully berry compliant and they make a joke out of it #madeinchina

  17. Husky says:

    Prepare to FAIL! again! who cares it’s berry or apple!
    just like last year Multicam Limited SV hoody!
    500 piece run…end up still available at much lower price!
    Anyone bought them at list are “xxxx”!

    • SSD says:

      You do realize that this was a practical joke right? No, you don’t. Because you sir, are an asshat.