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Grey Ghost Gear Announces New Director of Business Development


Dalton Gardens, ID —31 JUL 13— Grey Ghost Gear is pleased to announce the selection of Ms. Lindsey Lea as the GGG Director of Business Development. Lea transitions to Grey Ghost Gear after four years with Tactical Tailor.

In her capacity as the Director of Business Development Ms. Lea will be handling OEM matters, new product launches and overall direction of the development team.She will be supervising new product launches as well as internal procedures, but most importantly will be the liaison between the individuals actually testing GGG’s new products in combat and the development team, integrating the two and ensuring a flawless execution of the changes and evolutions the guys on the sharp end require prior to finalization and commercial manufacture.

“Though Lindsey has been the new Grey Ghost HMFIC only a short time she has already had tremendous impact within the organization,” says Grey Ghost Gear CEO Casey Ingels. “That’s not a
big surprise of course. Harnessing her business sense, rapport with industry partners and work ethic on Grey Ghost’s behalf was a no-brainer.”

Lea actually started working for Tactical Tailor in 2008, where she was initially in customer service. She quickly established herself as The Indispensible Girl however and—in a classic example of “there’s the man in charge and the woman who knows what’s going on” rose to the position of Contract Administration/Government Procurement Executive (or, in insider terms, the XO for JTF GW).

“I’ll just say it is a huge force multiplier to have someone this reliable on hand,” GW Ayers (CC/JTFGW) said. “There’s no substitute for someone you can send forth to conquer without constant supervision and follow-up. Grey Ghost is lucky to have her.” Lindsey enjoys shooting and the occasional bar fight. She is currently awaiting a new Primary Weapon Systems .308, frequently spends quality time with a Knight’s Armament AR15 and has carried on a love affair with a handsome Noveske rifle for almost as long as she was with Tactical tailor. An accomplished equestrienne, she is currently training an American Quarterhorse appropriately named Danger. She advises it was touch and go for a while whether she was going to be showing him or sending him off to the arts & crafts community in the form of glue but thankfully his behavior has improved.

Lindsey will be wandering Outdoor Retail (with a Yeti on her back) if you want to link up. Send her an e-mail at to schedule it. Be sure to address her as “Most Imminent Despotrix” or “High Gynarch of Grey Ghost” if you would. Media/industry folks, those who won’t be at OR, please contact her at that same e-mail address if you need anything. For articles and blog posts please direct readers and prospective end users to

Thank you!
The GGG Team


6 Responses to “Grey Ghost Gear Announces New Director of Business Development”

  1. Paul says:

    For a second there I thought Mr. Ed had gone into the sales business.

  2. Quincy Fong says:

    Congratulation, Ms. Lindsey.

  3. Seebowl says:

    …so I says to the bartender, why such the long face? Hahahahahaha

    Seriously, congratulations on the promotion and Godspeed.

  4. Lawrence says:

    That’s the wittiest staff-appointment announcement I’ve ever read.

    JTF GW – indeed! LOL.

  5. Lindsey is Awesome!! We have had the Pleasure of working with her over the years since she was at Tactical Tailor.

    Congratulations Lindsey! & Nice Horse BTW!!

    Kevin Swanson
    U.S. Tactical Supply

  6. Jon says:

    Heh, well written and sharp-witted.
    Neat and congrats!