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Outdoor Retailer – NEMO Shield

As always, NEMO Shield, their tactical line, has several new items coming out. Up first is the new Gen 3 FAS AR Jump SE. It is designed to carry an M4, M16, etc.



It now incorporates an valve to regulate the amount of buoyancy as well as a roll top closure with a water proof closure as a back up. Additionally, NEMO reintroduced the window for the ATPIAL so that the laser can be used while the weapon is still in the bag.


The Targa SS SE is a short sleeve mobility bag that can be worn over kit. It allows the wearer full access to any chest mounted equipment which can be accessed via zipper or snaps and the sleeve sections can be closed off via zippers from inside or out. It’s a 40 Deg F stand alone bag but when worn with PCU you can go down to 0 Deg. The Targa features a helmet compatible, insulated hood. Finally, the hem can be pulled up so that the Targa can be worn parka style. Here you can see a Targa in Kryptek Yeti as well as Coyote and MultiCam.


The ALCS SE which we have featured before, incorporates a WL Gore black out fabric that won’t “glow in the dark” when you turn on a light.

Now, they’ve introduced an Integrated Camo Cover in Kryptek Yeti. It isn’t a fly but rather just offers the ability to easily change camouflage. Other ICCs include MultiCam and standard Arctic White but they can do virtually anything if the numbers are right.



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  1. Wulfi says:

    SSD, any info about when the Targa SS SE will be available for purchase, and a MSRP?