Forces Focus – USAF Safeside

This one is an interesting history lesson. Designated by the code name “OPERATION SAFESIDE”, the 1041st USAF Security Police Squadron (Test) was formed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii from a cadre of USAF graduates of the Army Ranger school. From that original unit, the Air Force eventually stood up the 82nd Combat Security Police Wing and subordinate units the 821st, 822nd and 823rd Combat Security Police Squadrons.

This is a short two-part USAF film on this force.

Part I

Part II

Today, the lineage of these units lives on in the 820th Base Defense Group and its subordinate squadrons.

4 Responses to “Forces Focus – USAF Safeside”

  1. Gonzo says:

    Great to see this here, proud to have served with the Double Deuce!

  2. RAVEN756 says:

    As far as the USAF SF carrer field goes….its teh best gig out there! Really, always has been! It great to see this posted here gents, thanks for that. There are quite a few folks that have NO clue about our lineage and/or what some of our heritage is. Thanks again.

  3. Paddy says:

    Been USAF SF for 9 years now and love it. We had these guys come here for their reunion, what an amazing experience. Hearing first hand about their experiences and what it was like was something I’ll never forget.

  4. jnevada says:

    Best thing I’ve watched all day, thanks!!