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US Palm AK Attack Rack V2

US Palm offers a V2 model of their popular Attack RACK designed specifically for use with the AK family of weapons. This version incorporates 4 30 AK magazine pouches and two adjustable-flap magazine/utility pouches as well as PALS webbing on either side for radio, IFAK or other pouches.


Additionally, The large zippered main pocket can accommodate extra magazines or other larger pieces of gear with the side-top seams split open as well and accept holster inserts. The bottom of the carrier provides access to the armor pocket, which accommodates a Level IIIA insert. The AK Attack RACK utilizes an H-type harness. Offered in A-TACS AU, Black, Coyote, Multicam, Ranger Green.

Available with or without a Level IIIA soft armor insert.


2 Responses to “US Palm AK Attack Rack V2”

  1. mervo says:

    I’ve ran this rig in 6 classes now. Fantastic set-up. Just finished attaching an ARES armor xii pack for hydration to the back of the AKv2. For those wanting to know the US Palm buckles DO mate to the ARES Pack.

    While I’d love to set it up the way that US Palm showed at shot (previously posted on Soldier Systems) US Palm production is painfully slow, and they never respond to questions posted on their FB page about product availability.

  2. Mark Goss says:


    Please email me at I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions about production or products.

    Thank you

    Mark Goss
    US Palm