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Grand Trunk’s Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag


The Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag from Grand Trunk was developed based on a concept by Herrick Kroeger, an employee of Georgia’s Blue Sky Outfitters. The Thinsulate filled sleeping bag design cocoons the hammock (and you) and incorporates channels at either end for the suspension lines. Grand Trunk claims it fits most hammocks and looking at the design I’d say that it will work with most commonly available models.


2 Responses to “Grand Trunk’s Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag”

  1. Buckaroomedic says:

    Guess it won’t work with my Hennessy Hammock. Too bad, it’s a nice idea. Back to the woobie . . .

  2. Ipkiss says:

    I was just about to make a comment on how to properly lie down in your hammock; not like a banana. I’m still bashing my head on why I ever thought of selling my Hennessey. Best hammock ever, in which I laid with a normal inflatable matress and carinthia sleeping bag.