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AOG Q&A with Travis Rolph of Mayflower Research & Consulting

Travis Rolph is an old friend of mine. When he told me he was going to run the Grand to Grand Ultra race I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. That’s a lot of race for a first time out. But I also know that nothing stops Bad Travis. I mean, the guy’s got a posse. But I digress. He did it. The stories he’s told me about the race have been fascinating and I’m glad to say that he shared some of the experience with some other guys that I like, Adventure Operations Group.


At AOG our mission is to train for “beyond normal limits” mindset and performance. Drawing inspiration and influence from the Special Operations community, as well as other elite performers and outdoor athletes, we lead individuals and teams to accomplish more than they imagine possible by applying “SOF Focus”. The principles of SOF focus are grounded in the truths of Special Operations Warriors and in the mindset of constant preparation and improving capabilities that all elite performers possess.

AOG recently caught up with Travis Rolph, retired 5th SFG Green Beret, owner of Mayflower Research & Consulting and modern day adventurer, to hear about his most recent mission, competing in the Grand to Grand Ultra race. The Grand to Grand ultra is a 7 day stage race that covers approximately 169 miles over an epic course.

Read the rest of the story at adventureoperationsgroup.blogspot.com.

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7 Responses to “AOG Q&A with Travis Rolph of Mayflower Research & Consulting”

  1. Lupus-Staff says:

    Well done ! Travis is a good guy, met him during last years iwa in Nuremberg and its a pleasure to work with him. Its great to see people actually remain an active lifestyle to keep the spirit of their products.

  2. fmfbest says:

    Great guy, great company, great product. I was introduced to Travis through a mutual friend from 5th group. I have been treated like the only customer they had every time. Congratulations on your accomplishments Travis.

  3. Golf1echo says:

    Looking good Travis…7 day race, now that is some serious out there time! Always appreciate the help you gave us with our race!
    Best / Lance

  4. Mongo says:

    I met Travis while working in the industry years ago, I remember helping fix and finish some of his GEN 1 chest rigs right before Christmas shutdown so that his order could ship on time, he would call for updates and although I was stressing out, he was as cool as could be, later I learned who they were for and how important that order was to him starting up of Mayflower R&C.
    Now I have moved on and still reach out when I need advice, guidance or a harsh dose of truth. He truly treats you like he is your oldest friend or only customer..from the moment you meet him.

    No better friend, no worse enemy.

    Travis is a class act and great example of what a professional should be.

    Thanks for everything over the years Y’all


  5. Chicken Legs says:

    Well done amigo…


  6. DTyo says:

    Travis and Mayflower R&C are top notch. Can’t say enough good stuff about him and the company.

  7. Mayflower Research & Consulting says:

    Thanks fro the comments fellas! The next adventure is starting to take shape with Adventure Operations Group, it will probably involve a kayak, a rucksack, a rifle and a very long distance. We’ll see how it shapes up.