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BOSS Rugby Now Available From SKD Tactical

The BOSS Rugby from Velocity Systems is now available now through SKD Tactical.


Wear it as a replacement for your polo for range or daily wear. Made from a 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex wicking mesh material, it breathes well and is very comfortable.

Modern rugby style collar
Two low-profile envelope pockets on the sleeves featuring Velcro patches
Highly Breathable
Enhanced wicking chemistry
Soil release treatment
Dynamic stretch and recovery
Odorexx™ Antimicrobial good for 25 washes
Short sleeve construction
Non-chafing heat seal labels

Made in USA.

Currently available in Black with additional colors coming soon. Sizes Small – 2XLarge.


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16 Responses to “BOSS Rugby Now Available From SKD Tactical”

  1. DA says:

    I know you’ve got some experience with these shirts.. From the design sketches I was hoping the material would be a bit more substantial but looking at this image and those on SKD’s site, it looks like that thin, cheap, large-holed mesh that is used on a lot of gym shorts, is that the case? Thanks as always for the info!!

    • SSD says:

      Hell to the no, these aren’t like those douchy basketball shorts that thugs wear between their drawers and jeans at all.

      Seriously though, the material is awesome.

    • straps says:

      Velocity ain’t got no time fuh’ dat.

      • DA says:

        haha! ok great, thank you both for the comical replies! I’m sold.

        • Matt says:

          I can also attest that the material is thick and sturdy and that the “holes” are not actually holes. They are closed and the material inside the “holes” appears to be a little thinner in those places for added breathability. Also, the “velcro” is not regular loop velcro it is very soft “velour” feeling stuff. I honestly expected it to disintegrate when I pulled the patch off the sleeve but it’s some wonder material, holding up really well.

  2. 404953C says:

    I just ordered mine :)

  3. BSOU says:

    Risk assessment says sleeves down… Yeah we are taking that part out, these shirt are spot on!!

  4. Engineer says:

    I like it, but a version without the SSI Velcro panels would be appreciated.

  5. Agentofwrath says:

    Black is so 1990’s. Although it does make one appear slimmer.

  6. Mike Nomad says:

    I want. SSD, how are these cut? Sometimes I need a lg, sometimes an xl.

  7. Mike Nomad says:

    Arrived today. At 6 foot / 215 lbs, the XL was the way to go: Form-fitting, with a little bit of room. For an all-synthetic, it doesn’t have that ‘plastic’ feel. Solid weight. Don’t notice the velco at all.

    Time to start wearing: See how it abrades, and how well the pockets hold up.