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Review of the Velocity Systems – BOSS Rugby

Mayflower Research & Consulting LLC frontman Travis Rolph sent me this review of the Velocity Systems BOSS Rugby. He wore it during a Multi-day, 169 mile ultramarathon called the Grand to Grand Ultra Stage Race. My experience with the BOSS Rugby isn’t nearly as arduous except that I’ll tell you that it is my favorite shirt. I’ve worn mine once a week since receiving it, for two reasons; comfort and styling. If you’ve seen me at a trade show, I was probably wearing a BOSS Rugby. I’ve also worn it at various ranges, while camping, to meetings and just kicking around town. It hasn’t picked, pulled or pilled and still looks great. Now, check out what Travis has to say about its performance under some pretty tough conditions.


Velocity Systems BOSS Rugby shirt
(Prototype, size large, black)

Aspects evaluated:

• Fit
• Durability of material
• Durability of construction
• Performance of seams (chafing)
• Pocket usefulness/velcro



• Grand to Grand Ultra Stage Race (unsupported), 169 miles
• Northern Arizona/ Southern Utah high desert
• Hard pack and soft sand, slot canyons, mountains
• Temperature range; 17 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit
• High winds, blowing sand
• Seven days living out of a rucksack
• 26-52 miles per day of strenuous activity

Slot Canyon Stage 5


The fit of the BOSS Rugby was loose but not too loose, this afforded full freedom of movement while ruck marching, running with a ruck, ascending ladders, ropes and routes requiring three points of contact and descending same. No durability issues were encountered (this shirt had been worn for normal PT and range work for three months prior to this evaluation). The high abrasion/stress areas of the shoulders, armpits, lower back and upper abdomen show no signs of wear. The flat stitch seams produced no chaffing even after being repeatedly sweated in and dried (via wind) to a white salt encrusted state. The material allowed for rapid drying during the windy conditions encountered which was appreciated when the temperature started falling quickly at sunset. The small Velcro sleeve pockets were perfect for a small weatherproof notebook/pen and sustainment fuel (gels). The Velcro exterior provided attachment for the race required country flag and race logo.

I don’t have any recommended changes; black was not the ideal color for the desert (heat/sun) but that has been addressed with the production of the tan and wolf grey variants.


8 Responses to “Review of the Velocity Systems – BOSS Rugby”

  1. Brian says:

    I didn’t see this item on their website. Is it a Shadow Works product?

  2. Pat says:

    Rugby’s are in stock – please call Velocity at 703-707-6280

  3. Mongo says:

    Just saw Travis in spandex pants. Before my coffee. Yep that just happened.

  4. Jason says:

    Looks great! Any word on the Range Shorts and Short-Sleeve Combat Shirts?

  5. Sketchy_Endeavor says:

    Travis is a beast!!!!