Tactical Tailor

Only £40.00? Come On Guys, We Can Do Better!


Hot Shots Calendar is currently auctioning a 2014 Limited Edition Copy signed by India, Rosie, Holly, Kelly and Daisy on eBay UK. These calendars help support the UK military charity, Help For Heroes. The bidding is currently stalled at £40.00 with 2 days remaining. I know we can do better! Let’s go European readers!



3 Responses to “Only £40.00? Come On Guys, We Can Do Better!”

  1. Road Warrior says:

    Bumped it…waiting for someone to play with 😉

  2. KINGER_ERT says:

    There just jacked it to 100 that’s at least a better start

  3. Road Warrior says:

    Took it to 200 GBP but that where is stops without personal delivery 😉