Blue Force Gear – Larry Vickers Special Edition Sling

LAV Special Sling

Available for a limited time this holiday season is the Larry Vickers Special Edition Sling. The special edition sling is functionally the same as the standard Vickers Combat Applications Sling, except it features a Desert Digital adjuster tab in tribute to the USMC and their adoption of the VCAS. The sling is Coyote Brown, with Invista solution dyed Cordura webbing and ITW GhilleTex Acetal military grade, low IR hardware. Get yours before they are gone,

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13 Responses to “Blue Force Gear – Larry Vickers Special Edition Sling”

  1. I held off for a long time getting a VCAS. Now that I have one I couldn’t go back.

  2. Thanx for compliment 2 cent

    Be safe


  3. AndyB says:

    Ditto on Tactical’s comment. I tried any number of slings that ended up not working for me. A buddy of mine recommended Vickers. I bought one and then promptly bought 3 more! Easy to use and WORKS.

  4. Riceball says:

    Looks like I’ve found the perfect for the AR I’m building. How long are these going to be around for so I know how long I have to get one?

  5. Riceball

    Not sure on that – ask BFG that question

  6. Riceball – we only are producing these for the holiday season. Try to order before January but give us a call if you won’t be able to by then and we’ll take care of you.

    • Riceball says:

      Thanks for the response. While a sling isn’t at the top of my priority list right now I definitely will get around to ordering before January. Thanks for the response.

  7. Ben says:

    Truly great sling.

    Simple and highly effective.