Jesse James Firearms Unlimited

In case you haven’t heard, Jesse James of West Coast Chopper fame is getting into the gun business. His new company, Jesse James Firearms Unlimited, has just released an initial product line with limited numbers already available. The Firearms Report attended the recent launch party in Austin, Texas. Check out their article to see a full range of coverage of the event:

The Cisco 1911

The Cisco is built on an STI frame, and features branded grips and a JJFU-branded slide. It will be available in a black nitride or stainless steel finish.


.45 caliber
Stainless steel construction
Fixed sights
Ambi safeties
Full one piece guide rod
Hand fit slide
5.11 fully supported ramped bushing barrel
Government forged frame
2.44 lbs

JJFU-branded FNX-45

This is a black bodied FNX-45 with a slide featuring JJFU engraving and branding. No other information was given, so we only assume it’s a base model FNX-45 aside from the slide.

Nomad AR-15


Caliber: 5.56×45
Length: 34 5/8″ – collapsed; 38″ – extended
JJFU upper & lower receivers
JJFU muzzle break
Barrel: Wilson Combat 16″ midlength – 1/8 twist
Barrel nut: HPF
Charging Handle: BCM medium latch
BCG: City Armory full melonite
Grip: Magpul MOE
Trigger: Geissele 3SG
Handguard: JJFU
Stock: Magpul ACS
Magazine: 30 round JJFU stainless steel
Weight: 7.9 lbs

Aero-Sonic Suppressor


But pistols and rifles are tame. The real shocker is his company’s propitiatory ‘Aero-Sonic Suppressor’. The retro-futuristic design looks like a prop from a 1930’s Buck Rogers serial. It’s shape is “…designed to match the sound wave of a rifle round.”, and the suppressor body is screwed together. Only time will tell how effective it actually is.

Expect a full release of the JJFU line in January 2014.


36 Responses to “Jesse James Firearms Unlimited”

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Sweet, just what we need, a felon in the arms manufacturing business.

    • Chris says:

      According to all the biographical information I’ve found, he’s not nor has ever been convicted of a felony? Could you please share where you learned this?

      • Mike D says:

        I wonder if he’s referring to the Jesse James of old, the bank robber and outlaw from the 19th Century. I’m not a fan of the new Jesse James, the old one seems a bit more interesting.

    • Mike says:

      I’m not a fan of Jesse James either, but that’s a pretty bold statement without anything to back it up. I know how I’d feel if someone accused me of being something I wasn’t.

    • Freeman says:

      Only legal trouble he’s ever had was when he sold motorcycles that violated California’s clean air act…

      • Andrew says:

        Maybe no felony convictions, but a ton of business indiscretions and ethical matters, granted that can’t stop you from manufacturing weapons. However, this scum bag had pics of him surface in the last few years wearing nazi clothing and doing the nazi salute. That alone should earn him a serious boycott from this comunity. You can argue those pics were a joke, but I can tell you there are hundreds of thousands Americans who died in WWII and millions from Europe that aren’t laughing.

        • Bill says:

          Of course their not laughing they died…. But on a serious note there was nothing good that came out of Nazi Germany…

    • Factor says:

      Sounds like someone is jumping to conclusions with out doing any research. They must be a Obama supporter. I think it’s great that the American drive is still alive and people can make a business from what they love to do.

  2. Bt says:

    Will I expect another reality program from discovery? or a gun build off with red jacket special? I hope no discovery producer is reading this… Lol

  3. JimS says:

    Forward cocking serrations on the dustcover, nice.

  4. KP says:

    If his company is successful, I will lose a large portion of my faith in the firearms community.

    – [as noted above] cocking serrations on the dust cover
    – completely smooth GRIPS with texturing where the hand is NOT
    – company initials instead of actual cocking serrations
    – intricate engravings on about half of the slide, the rest of which is left as bare metal save for aforementioned “cocking serrations”
    + bonus point for engravings on a polymer framed service pistol
    – a suppressor that mimics the LOOK of the MEASUREMENT of a soundwave, but not the actual pressure wave that travels through the air as sound

    Is there an antonym for innovation?

    • Tactical Fanboy says:


    • MC says:

      This will be successful with the crowd that dreamed of owning but couldn’t afford his bikes. Now people can own a pop gun to go with their West Coast Choppers t-shirt, hat, and bumper sticker.

    • Dennis says:

      SVI does serrations on the dust cover for aesthetic reasons, and they do amazing work.

      Kimber did initials for the SIS as serrations.

      It’s not amazing, but let’s scale back the righteous indignation.

    • Bushman says:

      It shouldn’t be an actual antonym, but some term to call the false stuff, surrogate or something.
      There is a term “pseudo-innovation”, referring to something that looks like new, but has no real use.

    • Will says:


  5. Sad Day says:

    Oh so sad…..someone making guns that doesn’t know how to make guns. Stupid bling items for some internet ninjas….out of business in six months.

    • Haji says:

      Its a different market segment than most of the readers of SSD. Most of these will never get shot; somebody will believe they’ll be collectible and hang on to them. JJFU (probably should be JJ:FU) will sell all they make, and probably to people who aren’t serious shooters. More power to ’em; make a buck and employ people to work. They just won’t be selling any of these to me or most of the people I know. That’s OK because we’re not the target market anyway.

  6. Sad Day says:

    Haha just saw the prices for his ar15 and 1911 on website. $3300 for a no name ar15 that is pieced together. So I plan to start a gun business and right away have the highest price stuff out there. Background…..motorcycle maker….haha..but $3100 for a 1911. C’Mon man!!!! One not from Les Baer or Wilson…..mahahahahaha….mahahahaha. Sorry who would buy this?

  7. Bman says:

    Yea I am wondering how well this will do. I imagine his celebrity friends will be his customers for their lack of know how and abundance of money. Either that or his advertising people suck and left out a lot of the quality information on features and attributes that would somewhat justify the price.

  8. Exploriment says:

    There have long been rumours swirling around that he is/was very chummy with HA. There are photos of him in support wear and in photos with guys with Nomad rockers on their vests.

    (I was surprised to learn recently that his West Coast Choppers made no money from those quarter million dollar custom bikes they built. Apparently that was a money losing proposition. The real money was in the merchandise they sold. He came up with that idea/logo in high school and was selling shirts for years before there ever a custom manufacturing shop. Selling WCC gear to wannabe tough guys was where the real money was to be found.)

  9. bulldog76 says:

    i have a feeling most people here do not like engraved guns D:

  10. The Governor says:

    I was hoping he could make the Logo “JJFU” a little BIGGER! It’s barely noticeable!

  11. Badjujuu says:

    Jeez, the prices are, well out of my range – I rather order from Arsenal Democracy, priced for America from someone who knows a thing or two about weapons.

  12. CIMG says:

    I cant believe there are even comments to this.

  13. badjujuu says:

    “The most striking feature was the suppressor mounted on two of the rifles. How can I put this… they looked like studded butt plugs” -The Firearm Report

  14. Rob Collins says:

    Agree with everything posted above about this guy and concede I’d never be a part of his market for anything.

    On a only marginally related note, I think the guy is an idiot. Sandra Bullock is (in my opinion) absolutely lovely and likable based on interviews I’ve seen.

    Despite the name recognition for his past/current ‘exploits’, I think the guy has to be a swirling whirl of unhappy. He seems to be the perfect contra role model….

  15. Robert says:

    Like it or not he will have thousands of people buying everyone of these he produces and 100 times more buying his JJFU clothing and gear. Also the subversive Jesse James Fuck U and SS lightning bolts in his logo didn’t go unnoticed…

  16. Dripping Springs says:

    They probably will never be mass produced. If he spends his money on good parts and has someone put it together well, it will be a good product. Some of you have already spent more on and AR recently. I’d buy one.