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Silynx CLARUS Promo

Silynx CLARUS[1]

ATTENTION! End of Year Special Offer!!

Order your new CLARUS tactical headset system by 12/31/2013 and receive a FREE Smart Phone adapter cable! Connect the CLARUS to an iPod, iPhone, or other smart phone device to enjoy your tunes or make calls using your headset.

Contact for more information.


5 Responses to “Silynx CLARUS Promo”

  1. Adam says:

    For sale to the public?

  2. Glaser says:


  3. TemplarMedic says:

    “Hey, sir? Sir! Can we hold up on this for a sec? I can’t find my Miley Cyrus playlist, and I just can’t kick a door without her….wait, crap, my mom’s calling, wait one…”

  4. john bon jovie says:

    how do i go about purchasing this as a civilian? their website isn’t known for being a treasure trove of info. i want one – c’mon silynx…help me spend my money by giving me selling your products on your site.

    if anyone knows where a distributor for them. let me know. thanks.

    bon jovie

  5. Joe momma says:

    I got an email based on my comment, responded, and never heard back… think i het a nerve….