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Sneak Peek – New Flash Hider from Seekins Precision

Seekins Precision certainly has developed a certain design aesthetic and this new flash hider certainly carries the theme. Offered in 1/2-28 and 5/8-24, these are made from tool steel and Melonite coated and designed to thread on without the need of a crush washer. The ports and prongs are not symmetrical so there is no timing or tuning fork effect.


(Source: Facebook)


4 Responses to “Sneak Peek – New Flash Hider from Seekins Precision”

  1. mike says:

    Seekins is amazing. I know people will comment on how this is going to get caught on every strap, buckle, and bit of webbing (the reason I don’t run the PWS Triad on more rifles) but just look at how good this thing looks!

  2. BillC says:

    I agree with mike. Keep it light and keep the cost down, it’ll sell to some people. I’m not a fan because it will still kick up dust and dirt. I know that depends on where and how one shoots, but it affects me.

  3. Erik says:

    Well definite points for looks! Will have to wait to see the functional side of this

  4. jjj0309 says:

    Make it pointy and then Bam, it’s bayonet.