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Kaos Concealment Fusion-L Holster


Kaos Concealment’s Fusion-L (light bearing) holster is an IWB holster made to fit a Glock pistol with an Inforce APL. G-code clip or soft loop capable and fully ambidextrous, the Fusion-L features an adjustable ride height, adjustable retention, and a double high sweat guard. Holsters currently exist for Glock 17, 19, 22, and 23 pistols. Fusion-L models that accept alternate light systems to be added soon.



17 Responses to “Kaos Concealment Fusion-L Holster”

  1. Bussaca says:

    Now 1st things first.. I am not saying ANYTHING, about this company/manufacture.. I’m sure they do a spectacular job.. The product looks good, I’m sure it’s awsome…

    Is SSD going to keep putting every guy who makes a Kydex dip can holder up on this page.. maybe a triple dip can holder, INNOVATIVE!!!

    Hasen’t this been done? And if it hasn’t, did this guy make a glock holster with a differant flashlight, so wouldn’t it be right to assume he can make a holster that fits ANY flashlight? So why is this news?..

    I’m gonna make a multi-cam kydex waffle holder, with butter attachment and you better post it.


  2. Kevin says:

    Looks like SHM

  3. Scheff says:

    The price …is real retarded, sir. This looks exactly like my SHM/333 kydex holster.

    • KaosKydexSolutions says:

      That’s what I thought when I first saw it. I have since realized he is including an APL light with the price. $70 base price isn’t bad, but it is a very simple holster design.

    • BakerRiders says:

      The holster on it’s own is $69.99 and with the light it’s $184.99. How is it retarded? That’s actually really great and fair pricing.

      • KaosKydexsolutions says:

        You’re are right, it is more than fair. I think he made the mistake I did the first time, and thought that $185 was for a light bearing holster not including the light. That will teach me to be on the internet late at night.

  4. Kaoskydexsolutions says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw this was …SHM. Didn’t even bother to change the shape or design up at all, just went right ahead and copied the original. And the price!! Never in my life could I think of charging that much for a holster, I would be way too embarrassed.

    • KaosKydex says:

      I retract part of my previous statement. After closer examination, I see he did change the shape slightly. A nice holster to say the least, but other steps could have been made to make it unique.

    • BakerRiders says:

      So it appears, two people bought these back in June or so from Kaos and Soldier Systems posted SHM’s pic of this similar product on September 2nd… Soldier Systems isn’t a depository or some sort of forum that proves who created something first. It only shares info provided by people. This is highlighting another kydex holster maker. Before today, I wasn’t even aware of SHM and if their website was working, I would of checked them out. So from my persepective, it appears that SHM copied Kaos, but I don’t know and I am not going to bash one holster maker’s work just because I am familiar with another’s work.

  5. RoscoeP says:

    How much does everyone pay for holsters? I thought this was a great price. $180 for a light and a holster….that’s only $50 for a holster. Given the quality looks much like other big name brands…the price is amazing.

  6. Lee says:

    I actually purchased one of these from Kaos Concealment back in June for my department. We carry Sig 229 Dak with M3 lights. He did this holster for us as a custom job after a few emails and we bought them for $55 a piece. Great customer service and fast response and turnaround time. Keep up the great work. Top notch.

  7. BakerRiders says:

    Kaos is local business owner in my hometown and he made the Fusion-L for me at least 5 months ago if not longer though at the time he didn’t have a name for it. I think he is just now adding it to his website though the design was developmented months ago. I am not sure who SHM is or when they created their design, but I think people on here are a bit harsh. I don’t follow soldiernet so maybe SHM was highlighted on this page first but we don’t know who copied who. Regardless, I own about 5 different holsters from Kaos and they are great. Great service, shop, quality and price! I love the click when I reholster.

  8. Sethi says:

    I had bought one of these for my husband a few months ago and your fusion-s for myself. It’s been four months of everyday carry and it’s like the day I bought it. We both love ours! The attention to details on the buffed edges, shine, and molding is awesome. There are a lot of crappy kydex holsters out there, and I was uneasy at first buying Kaos but glad it turned out to be a great investment. Great service and price. I wanted to get another one for a Christmas present but missed the shipping deadline. Love seeing your updates on Facebook.

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