CTT-Solutions Mag Cap Enhanced Base Pad

Mike Pannone developed the Mag Cap Enhanced Base Pad to help protect magazines. Regardless if civilian, military or LEO, it protects your magazine from dirt and damage without giving up capacity or reliability or materially changing the factory specifications of the magazine. For example, If you live in a ban state where your 30rd magazines are legally grandfathered, you can protect them with the MagCap. Or, if you are in a service that bans the use of all but G.I. magazines, the MagCap is an easy to install accessory that does not alter the magazine.


(Click Image to Download PDF.)

1. Protects the base of the magazine from damage when dropped
2. Keeps out dirt by covering traditional floor-plate holes
3. Creates an enhanced gripping surface for reloads
4. Gives more stability and keeps floor-plates from “walking” out when resting magazine on hard surface to shoot
5. Keeps magazines from rattling in multiple magazine pouches
6. Does not change capacity or functionality
7. Simple to install

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  1. Wild Child says:

    Wow, looks like a great product.