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Participate in the American Silencer Association Silent Auction at SHOT Show

The American Silencer Association is conducting a silent auction at SHOT Show to raise money for advocacy and lobbying efforts in 2014. Their primary focuses include defeating ATF 41P, expanding state ownership and hunting laws, and decreasing NFA transfer times. They have an aggressive plan in place for 2014, but need funding to properly execute. ASA would like to raise at least $25,000 at this year’s SHOT Show. Help them by supporting our industry, and supporting the association.


The auction will begin on Tuesday, and end at the close of the show on Thursday. Winners will be contacted on Friday. Each auction item will be located in the donor’s booth. Manufacturers are competing to see who can raise the most money for the ASA. The company that wins will receive an award for their efforts on behalf of the association.

Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC) – Booth 14268

o Ti Rant 45-S: $795 MSRP

o M4 2000: $1,050 MSRP

o Mk13 SD: $1,795 MSRP

AWC (Armalite) – Booth 11771

o Ultra 13: $1,560 MSRP

Daniel Defense – 20171

o ISR: $3,200 MSRP

Gemtech – Booth 20521

o GM-22: $395 MSRP

Silencerco – 8403

o Harvester: $750 MSRP

Surefire – 13968

o Ryder 22-A: $469 MSRP

o SOCOM 556-RC: $1,375 MSRP

Thunder Beast Arms Corporation (TBAC) – 7206

o Model 30BA: $1,245 MSRP

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2 Responses to “Participate in the American Silencer Association Silent Auction at SHOT Show”

  1. PBand J says:

    do you have to buy the tickets at the booths or can one purchase online?

  2. Weaver says:

    “Silent Auction” is very appropriate …