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Some Words of Encouragement from the Tactical Chaplain

Men, we’ve come across some archival footage of the Tactical Chaplain encouraging the men during last year’s Thanksgiving. We hope it motivates you as much as it did us.


44 Responses to “Some Words of Encouragement from the Tactical Chaplain”

  1. Patrick says:

    I feel like I can do anything with the Tactical Chaplain watching over me.

  2. Alan Covey says:

    Holy Crap on a communion cracker!

  3. AV says:

    This keeps getting better. Pretty soon the Tactical Chaplain tag is going to pull up a whole archive of inspriational articles.

  4. Aye says:

    This is going to ruin this dude

    • Frankenear says:

      This guy already ruined himself. It was just a matter of time before this turd floated to the surface.

  5. Alex says:

    Still waiting for the Tactical Chaplain tactical patch.

  6. Iceman says:

    I’d love to see a TC gear review. For the love of god please find one.

  7. Halligan Hooligan says:

    this guy is an ass clown!

  8. Badjujuu says:

    Wtf did I just watch? “as you can hear, things are heating up outside”
    Where? Behind your Woodland poncho?

  9. Terry says:

    Maybe this guy is some kind of cosplay or airsoft enthusiast just getting a little too deep into his “game”? Otherwise he confuses the crap out of me. Should I laugh at him – or be embarrassed for him?

    • SSD says:

      He’s a guy who created the web domain USASOC.us to contact vendors.

    • Major Smoof says:

      They’re not mutually exclusive!

      • Terry says:

        True Major Smoof. Now that he has been exposed on SSD we are all aware of him…but prior to that who was his intended audience?

        Did he create this TC persona just to get free stuff?

        On the other hand, I’m probably giving this way more thought than it deserves.

  10. Jesse says:

    This just proves that you can throw the word “tactical” in front of anything and it will sound cooler. Now excuse me while I laugh my “tactical” butt off.

  11. Mike B says:

    My father loves this car more than me, Ferris.

  12. Badjujuu says:

    Just when you say; I’ve seen it all…… BAM! SSD presents Tactical Chaplain! Lol.

  13. Saul R-angel says:

    WOW!! @badjujuu good one about the poncho!!! Hmm he’s also an expert in “Tactical” Waste Management.so, a “Tactical” Chaplain Operator?! I wonder what his kit looks like? What does he carry? I think he is LARP’ing haha!

  14. JP says:

    The video has gotta be a joke, there’s no way he’s serious.

    • Weaver says:

      If he weren’t trying to scam gear with his persona, I might agree with you. But the evidence suggests he’s just another poser and liar, inflating his credentials to get free crap from people who aren’t sufficiently suspicious – and while it’s a good comment that they aren’t suspicious, it’s a sad comment that people like this assclown will deliberately try to take advantage of it – and doubly so that he’ll shroud himself in religion to pull his scam.

  15. Ule says:

    Now that’s some funny stuff right there.

  16. Rev. Paul T. McCain says:

    Just gets more disgusting ….

  17. Rev. Paul T. McCain says:

    I found this guy’s web site too:


  18. SubandSand says:

    What? I mean. Was that. Huh. Confused. Did I really just see that?

  19. Badjujuu says:

    To be completely honest, for being around for a while whether AD or ARNG I have personally met individuals who are soo entangled in lies they put out about what they have done and places they have been that they actually believe in every word that comes out of their mouths. I have called out numerous individuals on their BS due to no results of them backtracking their stories.
    These people are pathological liars, the lies and stories become bigger and better each time they tell them and they at some point truly believe the imaginative words coming out.
    I actually had a guy told me a awesome story about his deployment just for me to say “yeah, I’ve read that same book buddy” it’s unreal.
    Am I surprised or shocked that people like Tactical Chaplain exist? Nope, not one bit.

  20. The question I have is if you send him gear to review, and he gives it his ‘blessing’ does it give you some kind of a ‘Holy Spirit’ aura protecting you when you wear that kit ?

    If so then I’d say go for it !!!


    • Terry says:

      I hadn’t thought of that! (Presuming he actually performs some type of religious services) I would love to meet some of his “congregation” and see what kind of street cred they think he has with the almighty. Clearly he hasn’t made any points with this crowd.

    • SSD says:

      Wow, that one was good.

  21. Joe says:

    He needs an ass beating.

    • SSD says:

      No guys, a Chaplain does not need an ass beating. But he does need to take a solid look at his actions and correct anything that is anything less than ethical.

    • Zach says:

      That escalated quickly…

  22. Sgt E says:

    I thought the video was a joke… guess not.

  23. Scubasteve says:

    Is that an ACU cross patch on his Multicam Combat Shirt?

  24. Zach says:

    Uhhhhhhhh….. I got nothing.

  25. Gabe says:

    Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I was super encouraged, the sweet sound effects is what really pumped me up.