SIG P329

New Products And Offerings From Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense has new offerings for 2014, including updates on their popular rifles, new finishes, new accessories and components, and even an iPad app.


• 16” Cold Hammer Forged Government Profile Barrel
• 5.56mm
• Mid-length Gas System
• DDM4 Rail 15.0


• 16” Cold Hammer Forged Lightweight Profile Barrel
• 5.56mm
• Mid-length Gas System
• DDM4 Rail 15.0

DDM4v9 S2W

• 18” Cold Hammer Forged Strength-2-Weight (S2W) Profile (Salt Bath Nitride Finish)
• 5.56mm
• Mid-length Gas System
• DDM4 Rail 15.0

Butt Stock

• Enhanced Cheek Weld with Soft Touch Rubber Overmolding
• Limited Rotation QD Swivel Attachment Point on Both Sides
• Interchangeable Buttpads

Pistol Grip

• Ergonomic Design with 1911 Grip Angle
• Soft Touch Rubber Overmolding
• Integrated Trigger Guard

Vertical Grip

• Injected Molded Nylon
• Mounts easily to Picatinny Rail
• Dual O-Ring Water tight Storage
• Soft Touch Rubber Overmolding

New Daniel Defense Mil Spec+ Finish

AR Experience App

The Daniel Defense Augmented Reality Experience allows users to explore Daniel Defense’s line of precision-crafted AR-15 style rifles in full 3D. Users can rotate, tumble, zoom in, and see exploded views of the rifles. They can also tap the models for highlights, information, and audio-guided tours. The media center included in the app features videos of Daniel Defense’s M4 carbines being subjected to a variety of torture tests to show just how durable the DDM4 is.


7 Responses to “New Products And Offerings From Daniel Defense”

  1. Riceball says:

    Nice looking rifles but why no modular safeguards? I’m surprised that they didn’t go with a regular type of modular handguard if not a keymod.

  2. Timmay says:

    Anybody else think buttstocks are slidding into Duo-Stock territory?

  3. Kyle says:

    I like DD guns and they make great stuff.

    That being said, the new stocks and grips look cheap and lame.

  4. Sgt Slaughter says:

    Hopefully all their rifles won’t be shipping with that stock and grip. Innovation is nice, but just upgrading to a CTR or B5 Bravo and a Magpul K2 or MOE+ would’ve been sufficient.

    Also why no new modular rail? They’ve stated on certain forums they would not be introducing accessories for the MFR. A keymod based on their new M4 Rail “should” be pretty light in comparison to the quad rail version.

  5. Tacti-Kev says:

    I like the stock and pistol grip, I hope the price is reasonable. What’s wrong with a little style on these parts? I have 5 AR’s and non of them are Magpul equipped.

  6. Seifer says:

    WTF DD

  7. Mate says:

    The only thing I’m diggin is that finish.