SIG P329

Defoor MIL/LE Lead Climber Course

An offshoot from Defoor’s popular Urban Climber course, the restricted enrollment Lead Climber course is designed to teach students to be able to safely climb with considerations for tactical operations. Subjects taught include reduced racks, improvised belays and rappels, hauling gear, and more. Each student will leave the class able to safely lead a 5.6-5.8 climb.

All gear used for the course is available from Mission Ready Equipment.


3 Responses to “Defoor MIL/LE Lead Climber Course”

  1. 10thMountainMan says:

    Awesomesauce! I’m attending BMMC in Vermont in May. Hope to knock out Assaut Climber after that. I will eventually get to this level. Hopefully I do it before I’m too old and broken lol.

  2. So no helmets and no gloves on the belayer? That would be unacceptable at any class I have ever attended, co-instructed or instructed. I don’t think the liability insurance underwriter would approve either. Just saying.

    • Hansel Gaitan says:

      I’m a beginner and watching this video is scary. I watched and wondered what would happen if a rock came flying down and hit the belayer on the head, which would probably be caused by the climber slipping.