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SHOT Show – SureFire XVL2

We continue our SHOT Show coverage with something interesting from SureFire. For those of you unfamiliar with SureFire’s naming convention, the XVL2 uses a X-series body, a Vampire head that manually switches between white and IR light, as well as 2 lasers. In this case it’s IR & Visible Red but they are considering offering an IT & Green model once they nail down the final color for the X400 Green. Additionally, SureFire is is planning to offer this as both a restricted mil version as well as a civilian legal Class I version.


The XVL2 is a single cell 3v light so admittedly, it is only expected to throw 120 lumens for the light component and 100 mW for the laser. The lasers are slaved to one another so when you adjust one for zero, they both move.

As for switching, the unit boasts a top mounted Dome switch ala the PEQ-15 as well as a port for a Pressure switch. Additionally, SureFire will offer DG-style switches.

There is currently still no hard launch date for the XLV2 but the fact that it was in the new product showcase tell us that they do plan to release it this year.

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14 Responses to “SHOT Show – SureFire XVL2”

  1. Chicken Legs says:

    Looks nice.

  2. tcba_joe says:

    “the fact that it was in the new product showcase tell us that they do plan to release it this year”

    Surefire has a history of putting products in their videos they will never release or don’t release for a couple years. Are they changing that?

  3. Alex says:

    Looks exciting. Can’t wait to get one on my hands next year.


  4. Seifer says:

    In 2017 ))))

  5. Andrew says:

    SF was only showing one prototype to select people, it was not publicly on display. The rep mentioned that they were hoping to release the XVL2 at next SHOT show.

  6. Rjf98 says:

    Meh. Not sure why they would put a light under 500 lumens out that is designed for a long gun. If this was out there 5 years ago I would be excited and, depending on the IR illuminator and laser I could legitimately ask if this could replace two items with one. These days, I don’t think they are close to replacing my peq15 and 500 lumen light so I don’t see what would cause me to buy it.

    • SSD says:

      How about in a pistol?

      • mike says:

        Naysayers always saying nay. I don’t have a PEQ, DBAL, or Raptar. For someone like me this looks really interesting. It also looks like something, as admin noted, that would work well on a pistol.

      • tcba_joe says:

        Absolutely as a pistol laser, but the switches look more long gun oriented. Looks like a good choice for a subgun. But as a rifle unit I’d willing to add another battery and up the power.

        Deff interested in it though.

        • TCBA_Joe says:

          Now that I think about it, having multiple removeable backplates (Pistol, rifle, DG) would be awesome and make it very versatile.

      • Rjf98 says:

        Sure, lets get one more form factor in a pistol light so we can all go buy yet another holster. The x300u works great on a pistol, is within reasonable tolerances of the X300 so I could upgrade and not change out my holsters. That was worth spending the cash.

  7. That One Guy says:

    Considering I’m still waiting for the X400 Ultra Green Laser I’m not holding my breath for this to be released. I’m gonna hope that it is, because unlike the DBAL PL 500, this looks like it’ll accept a tape switch (And that’ll come in handy on an SBR). It’d be nice to run the same light system on my Handgun as on my SBR.

    With luck it’ll ship as a Green/IR system as opposed to a Red/IR system.

    • SSD says:

      I’m waiting on the X400 Green as well. I’ve played with prototypes multiple times over the past year plus. Latest I heard was April release.

  8. That Other Guy says:

    Same thing I heard about the DBAL PL 500 release. OpticsPlanet has the X400-AU-GN available for pre-order so atleast there’s hope.