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For The Operator In All Of Us


Available for order until 30 January, the Limited Edition Operator T-shirt from RE Factor, is right on time considering our recent discussion.


6 Responses to “For The Operator In All Of Us”

  1. Chuck says:

    I saw a shirt the other day on post that said” Tier 1″ and pointed to the top layer of a cartoon wedding cake.

  2. Chef Rigby says:


  3. james says:

    Luv IT! saw one that was similar… ‘pencil sharpener’ on top…

  4. andrew says:

    As a former telephone operator (seriously), not everyone is cut out for it. My training class washed out 25% in the first week. Faster than my class at Ft. Benning.

    (Full disclosure: it was only a week long with 4 people in it. One of them lied on her app on something obvious and got the boot.)