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Beretta USA Announces New Plant in Tennessee

This just in. Beretta USA has been searching for a new home in light of last year’s assault on the firearms industry by anti-2A legislators. looks like they found what they are looking for in Gallatin, Tennessee.

World’s oldest firearms manufacturer and major U.S. defense contractor to expand to Gallatin, Tn.

NASHVILLE – Beretta USA officials along with Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bill Hagerty announced today the company will expand its U.S. operations by building a new firearms manufacturing plant in the Gallatin Industrial Park. Beretta, a global manufacturer of high-quality sporting and military firearms, will invest $45 million in a state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facility. Beretta will create 300 new Tennessee jobs. The company is expected to complete construction on the facility this year.

Beretta is the world’s oldest manufacturing dynasty, operating since 1526 in Italy. The company is privately owned and operated by members of the 15th and 16th generations of the Beretta family. Beretta supplies quality sporting and self-defense firearms to consumers worldwide. The company manufactures the U.S. Armed Forces M-9 pistol, the standard sidearm of U.S. soldiers since 1985. Beretta will make firearms at the new Gallatin plant from both their sporting and tactical product lines.

“Beretta is one of the world’s greatest companies, and their decision to expand into Tennessee speaks to the standards of craftsmanship and quality our state’s workforce embraces every day,” Haslam said. “Attracting a legendary company like Beretta reinforces our goal of becoming the No. 1 location in the Southeast for high-quality jobs. I want to thank the Beretta family for their substantial investment in Tennessee and the 300 jobs they’ll create in Sumner County.”

M9 painted

“Today’s significant announcement by Beretta USA is a historic moment for the state of Tennessee, the Haslam Administration and ECD,” Hagerty said. “Beretta is one of the best brands in the world. Tennessee’s global reputation for manufacturing in an artisan tradition means we are able to attract companies like Beretta, with a proven commitment to excellence. Tennessee continues to earn global accolades for our business climate, and we boast the best balance sheet in the nation. I appreciate Beretta’s decision to locate in Tennessee, and we look forward to a partnership that will last centuries.”

“From the moment when we started to consider a location outside of the State of Maryland for our manufacturing expansion, Governor Haslam and his economic development team did an excellent job demonstrating the benefits of doing business in Tennessee. We are convinced we could find no better place than Tennessee to establish our new manufacturing enterprise. We look forward to building operations here and being part of your community for many years to come,” said Franco Gussalli Beretta, Vice President and Managing Director of Fabbrica D Armi S.p.A and Executive Vice President of Beretta USA.

“When Beretta chooses a location for its business, we start with the possibility that we will be in that location for decades, if not hundreds of years, to come. We move forward with confidence knowing that Tennessee is a great place to do business. We look forward to our opportunities here and we look forward to working side-by-side with our new Tennessee neighbors,” said Jeff Reh, Beretta USA Member of the Board of Directors for Beretta USA.

Read the full transcript of Vice President and Managing Director of Fabbrica D Armi S.p.A and Executive Vice President of Beretta USA’s Franco Gussalli Beretta’s speech here.

Read the full transcript of Beretta USA’s Board of Directors Member Jeff Reh’s speech here.


7 Responses to “Beretta USA Announces New Plant in Tennessee”

  1. KaosKydexSolutions says:

    Anybody know the story behind the M9 pictured? If there is a story

  2. Matt says:

    Reap it! This is the appropriate action for a manufacturer to take when confronted with high taxes, unfriendly legislation, and bad policies.

  3. Daniel says:

    We welcome them to TN.

  4. Ju Con says:

    Don’t know about a specific story, but I see at least an M9A1 with Strider\Simonich Gunner Grips, some spray paint, and likely some replaced parts.

    When I was still in, GG’s and Surefire MR’s were the way to go for upgrading the M9…

  5. Ben says:

    Well I’m going to guess this means we arnt going to be dropping the M9 anytime soon.

  6. Reverend says:

    THANKS GOVERNOR TERRY-MAC! You just cost VIRGINIA jobs by being an ANTI-GUN AZZHAT! (shakes head) Beretta was looking HARD at VA, until the freakin’ “Carpetbaggers” voted in that jackwagon.

    Morons. One and all.