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SHOT Show – Emergency Life Saving Armor

I stopped by the DKX Armor booth at SHOT Show to check on their buoyant armor plates and they showed me the ELSA.


Emergency Life Saving Armor is a new take on something has been around for awhile but never executed very well; suitcase armor. Developed by a former Marine, the idea was to offer discrete armor protection that could be carried anywhere without a signature, yet quickly placed into action.


It looks like an ordinary nylon briefcase but can quickly transform into a fully functional Plate a carrier with PALS field that can be preconfigured with a basic fighting load.


It can support most standard sized armor plates and incorporates a routing system for comms cables or hydration tubes into the shoulder straps as well as a simple waist belt for stabilization that secures with a Cobra GTX buckle from ITW.

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7 Responses to “SHOT Show – Emergency Life Saving Armor”

  1. centcomsurvivor says:

    Interesting for sure.

  2. Bearded Swede says:

    Reminds me a bit of SnigelDesign’s Covert Backpack

    • SSD says:

      Not at all. That’s a pack. This is a briefcase. If anything, it reminds me of an old Paraclete product.

      • Bearded Swede says:

        Oh i wasn’t saying that it was an exact copy of it or anything. Just that the concept and usage of them are the same. Whether it’s carried on your back or in your hand is irrelevant.

  3. Adam says:

    Vury niiiice. Thanks SSD for all of your hard work.

  4. .308 says:

    I would not put a plate on my body unless it was 04, 06 NIJ certed or a SOCOM or FBI plate.. anything else is just junk.. asking for problems.

    good luck when that soft case is rattling around your cruiser for months.. in cold weather..

  5. Qball says:

    Cops need plates and plate carriers??