Gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is Coming, Think Combat Flip Flops

Combat Flip Flops? Valentine’s Day? Oh yeah…Aside from some sweet slippers for the lady in your life they’ve also introduced a couple of other new products. I know some of you guys are buying for the first time, or dread getting it wrong. A couple of these options from CFF are nice gifts that take the guess work out of your choice. For you ‘power users” who are old hats at buying something nice for mama, there are also Flip Flops in a full range of sizes.


Cover & Concealment Sarong No sizing required! Handmade in a women-owned factory in Kabul, Afghanistan, the Cover & Concealment sarong reveals glimpses of Afghan heritage blended with beautiful fabrics and vibrant colors. This versatile piece seamlessly transitions from scarf to beach wrap to après skirt to evening dress with ease and distinction. $70

Peacemaker Bangle & Wrap No sizing required! 270 million bombs were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War. Thirty percent of them are still sitting there ready to explode, in fields, behind trees, next to schools. But local artisans are melting down some of the unexploded ordnance (UXO) to hand craft art like our Peacemaker Bangle and Peacemaker Coin Wrap. When you buy one you help fund the clearing of 3 square meters of UXO. You literally help save life and limb and you help create jobs. So, thanks. $50

Bombshell Dark or Lite Flip Flops Sexy and sleek, these femme fatale flip flops are perfect for the effortlessly chic women of the world. Designed with full leather footbeds, Afghan patterned straps, and flashy chrome grenade detailing, these flip flops exude confidence. Perfect for cruising to the beach or relaxing in town. $65


2 Responses to “Gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is Coming, Think Combat Flip Flops”

  1. Nate Smith says:

    Combat Flip Flops is a last minute addition to the Tactical Tailor Factory Show and tour on 12 FEB 14. Stop by and tell Griff he needs his ears lowered!