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Arc’teryx LEAF – Alpha Gen 2 Program

Unveiled at SHOT Show, the newly redesigned Alpha Gen 2 line from Arc’teryx LEAF is a bit of all right.

Consisting of three items, the Alpha Gen 2 line includes the Jacket, Pant and Pant Bib. All offer new features and new fabrics. Arc’teryx talks about No Compromises when they discuss these new products and I agree. They are more elegant than their predecessors and you can see the innovation and craftsmanship that went into the redesign.

Alpha Jacket Gen 2

Take for example the Alpha Jacket Gen 2. For one thing, they’ve shed weight and done with through an entirely new design approach which includes fewer seams and narrower seam tape, glued-in zippers and lighter fabric in the hood of the Alpha Jacket. You may notice that the Alpha Parka is no longer in the line but some of that longer length has been incorporated into the design of the Gen 2 model. Additionally, the new streamlined neck combines with a StowHood™ that uses the more compact MN40p-X GORE-TEX®3L fabric to fit neatly inside the collar and sit against the neck without bulk. Internally, vertically routed hem drawcords minimize interference with the duty belt and media ports allow for internal routing of communications cables. Offered in Black, Crocodile, Wolf and MultiCam.

Alpha Pant Gen 2Alpha Bib Pant Gen 2

The Pant and Bib both feature glued pockets and waterproof side zips that route aft of the knee allowing movement with the zips open.

For some insight into what goes into developing Arc’teryx products, check out this video.

Arc’teryx LEAF: From Conception to Realization. from ARC'TERYX on Vimeo.


3 Responses to “Arc’teryx LEAF – Alpha Gen 2 Program”

  1. Husky says:

    How about a New / Old Alpha side by side comparison? It looks old one is more durable than the new one? and why not use both way zipper like the one on the Alpha parka?

    • Weekly Reader says:

      I’d like to see that too. Also, is any one actually issued this stuff? It’s not made in America and is pretty expensive.

      • Husky says:

        Alpha and Alpha LT are made in Canada! Minotaur line made in Canada! Fusion,Knee Cap and belt CANADA!
        Some of new guys at dead bird did not know their stuffs! One guy even said the Fission AF is a knock off from China! WTF! Combat jacket used to made in Canada! Not any more…from the TD’s video I did not think the GEN2 is better! It’s a hybrid of Alpha jacket and parka without parka’s nice zipper..only time/real field use can prove it’s better! now I just doubt it! Go to TD their Alpha is 30% off now! Better deal maybe better jacket!