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5.11 Tactical Unveils Limited-Edition, Custom-Designed Strider Knife

Companies Collaborate to Release 511 U.S. Manufactured Strider/5.11 Strider Military Folder Knife


MODESTO, Calif. (Feb. 13, 2014) — 5.11 Tactical®, the global innovator of tactical gear, today announced that the company has partnered with leading knife manufacturer, Strider™ Knives, to release the Strider/5.11 Strider Military Folder (SMF), a custom-designed tactical knife. Made in the U.S., the knife, which is manufactured with CTS-B75P steel for ultimate corrosion and wear resistance, brings together two companies with a common ethos—to make high-quality, functional products based on feedback from those who work in the field. As a limited-edition product, there will only be 511 knives made. Each piece, available at www.511tactical.com later this month, will include a custom nylon case, a “Raider” patch inspired by the WWII Marine Raiders’ patch and a certificate of authenticity signed by Tom Davin, 5.11 Tactical Chief Executive Officer, and Strider Knives Co-owner, Duane Dwyer.

“From the product’s design, to its durability and U.S. manufacturing, the Strider/5.11 SMF knife reflects the core values, mission and ethos of both 5.11 Tactical and Strider Knives,” said Davin. “We’ve long admired the work of Duane Dwyer and the whole Strider Knives team. Collaborating with the Strider experts to create a knife that fits the needs of our combined customer base has been a unique, yet organic, partnership resulting in a beautiful, limited-edition product.”


With a sleek design, rooted in simplicity, the Strider/5.11 SMF knife is engineered with minimum components while staying true to the key components Strider Knives have become known for, including a titanium slab frame lock, a glass epoxy laminate handle and a rough peel surface for positive grip. The blade design is a drop point, hand flat ground with a simple break on the spine and no false edge.

“The Strider/5.11 SMF knife is truly a work of craftsmanship,” said Dwyer. “By engineering with utilitarian requirements in mind, we’ve created a knife that is both a workhorse and a battlefield companion—regardless of where your battle takes place. The subtle yet impactful features are demonstrative of the commitment to quality both companies were founded on and remain committed to.”

The Strider/5.11 SMF knife boasts one-of-a-kind features including a custom-made pivot pin, custom fasteners and a Titanium handle with G10 scales. For durability and long-lasting performance, this is the first Strider knife to incorporate CTS-B75P steel—an alloy from Carpenter Technologies that that is highly resistant to corrosion and wear—allowing users to more easily maintain a sharp edge for an extended period of time.


The Strider/5.11 SMF knife can be purchased on 511tactical.com later this month and will retail for $599.99.


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11 Responses to “5.11 Tactical Unveils Limited-Edition, Custom-Designed Strider Knife”

  1. jordan says:

    That looks almost exactly like my Strider/Buck knife that I purchased in RangerJoes back in 06…only cost around $150 then. Awesome knife though (its been through hell and back), which from Strider is the usual.

  2. SCOTT says:

    ^ fake rolex’s look like real rolex’s too. while yours is not fake I’m sure it’s also not CTS-B75P steel

    • mike says:

      And a real Rolex with WALMART etched into the side would be worth significantly less…

      This looks like a great knife and I’m not shy about spending $600 on a Strider. If anyone is familiar with any of the knives that 5.11 has put their name on in the past you will understand why one would balk at the idea that the 5.11 name/logo does anything but hurt the value.

  3. Joe momma says:

    Huh. Something decent from 5.11 for once

  4. jordan says:

    Mike, the blade says BOS and then beneath says ATS-34 and then USA and then SB.4 T… don’t know if that helps identify the material.. and it is an official strider/buck tarani. I took it to strider hq out in san marcos, ca (if its still there) to get it resharpened and mark himself told me about the design collaboration..

  5. Stefan S. says:

    Sorry anything that liar/convict (Strider) makes isn’t worth my hard earned money. Hate to say it but do your homework on that fake Ranger Mick Strider.

    • Dean Drysdale says:

      So people never deserve a second chance? He runs a standup knife company that makes a quality product that they stand behind with an excellent guarantee. If every persons dirty laundry and wrongs were out for all to see I don’t think there would be many companies left to buy things from. We’ve all made mistakes, some worse than others. I buy something based on the quality of the product and the people that stand behind that product. Strider knives makes a quality product, period. It’s business, and as a business they are top notch.

      • Joe momma says:

        Yeah. Not like we’re talking bout osoe here. If dudes a felon but currently a stand up guy and runs a decent shop/business then I’m ok with that. Unlike osoe….

      • Isaac Shank says:

        Strider’s business reputation was built off of lies, and continues to be successful because the majority of his end purchases are ignorant to the company, Mick Strider, and Duane Dwyer’s respective reputations and crimes.

        There’s certain things that people SHOULD be given a second chance for. Being a poser piece of shit that claims accolades based on other’s hard work as a reason for you to pay a premium for his product isn’t one of them, at least, not from the community i come from. This doesn’t have to do with Mick’s status as a felon, but Strider and Dwyer being despicable people.

        Shit, what the hell is with the inclusion of the Raider patch with this little deal? That’s a case in point.

  6. Seems to me the words “Stolen Valor” should be reserved for those who’ve never served. I assign valor to every man and woman who serves in this country’s armed forces. Many people embellish their accomplishments and as stated, if we hated them all there would be nobody left to do business with, let alone loss of focus on this country’s real problems and enemies.