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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Belt Systems

This week, we are looking at Belt Systems. Specifically, FirstSpear offers a line of Belt Systems with components that can be used in conjunction with one another. In some cases they canb also be used as stand alones or to augment gear already in your kit bag. The items include the Assaulters Gun Belt (AGB), Padded AGB Sleeve, Tactical Suspenders, as well as the Line One Belt and 6/9 BeltLink.

Assaulters Gun Belt

FS Patterned AGB
The AGB utilizes a two-piece metallic buckle, it’s a strong belt that will stand up to daily use as well as combat equipped buddy drags. It can be integrated to the OAGRE for additional equipment space and also accommodate many different FirstSpear components that will help optimize it for the full spectrum of tactical and discretionary operations. Sizes Small – XLarge, in MultiCam, Khaki and Black

Padded AGB Sleeve

AGB Sleeve
The Padded AGB Sleeve fits over the AGB or similar gun belt to provide support, comfortable padding and additional load-bearing capability; compatible with standard MOLLE-style pouches as well as FirstSpear’s 6/9 and 6/12 pouch line. D-Rings included to attach to multiple suspension system harnesses.

Low Profile Tactical Suspenders

Low Profile Tactical Suspenders
These Tactical Suspenders are designed to support the additional weight of a loaded up Padded AGB Sleeve 6/12, particularly when ballistic inserts or multiple pockets are attached. Fully adjustable and low profile, they won’t get in the way of your armor.

Line One Belt

You wear pants everyday right? So how about a belt that you can wear with a pair of blue jeans just as easily as with your combat pants? That’s where the Line One Belt comes in. Made from BioThane, a Urethane covered Nylon offering superior strength and weather-resistance; it won’t crack, peel, or become stiff in frigid temperatures. Specially tempered, non-slip coating eliminates “break-in” time and allows for flex like leather, yet it is impervious to sweat and water and will not stretch or lose its original shape. Offered in Black or Coyote, sizes Small – XLarge, it isn’t fancy but it does feature the FirstSpear logo embossed fittingly, at the tip.

FS 6/9 BeltLink

The FS 6/9 BeltLink makes it simple to attach any of the popular 6/9 attachment-style FirstSpear pouches to an AGB or similar duty-style belt. Sold in sets of two. Simple, but effective.

This video gives you a great overview and shows you how to configure your gear.

While we can’t always expect a deal, FirstSpear has been generous enough to offer something special this week. Buy one AGB and get a set of free 6/9 belt links. When you add the AGB to the cart a set of TWO 6/9 belt links will add automatically to cart.


7 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Belt Systems”

  1. MK EOD says:

    “You wear pants everyday right?”

    I do now, thanks to a court order. Fascists.

    “So how about a belt that you can wear with a pair of blue jeans just as easily as with your combat pants?”

    You…what…I don’t understand. That doesn’t make any sense. A proper operator (properator), a serious shooter and student of the art of Modern Samurai, would never wear non-tactical pants. “Blue jeans” are BLUE, not Multicam, Coyote, or Urban Wolf Gray. They provide no camouflage and, at most, a sprinkling of pockets. They don’t even have kneepad inserts!

    SSD is losing its credibility with this nonsense. I bet the administrator isn’t even wearing camouflage right now.

    LOL :)

    • SSD says:

      I’m wearing civyflauge.

      • mike says:

        All jokes aside I suffer from a similar line of thought. Though I’d be very unlikely to wear military camo on an average day (I have a recently purchased Kryptek Mandrake Smock that’s breaking the rules) I have trouble wearing jeans much anymore. I wear Kuhl Rydr pants nearly every day (I have a lot of them) and it’s nice feeling that I’m wearing something that looks somewhat like khakis, is tough as nails, and blends well enough with the treeline that I can tuck into the woods.

        Third world problems.

  2. Huch says:

    First Spear has great customer service. I ordered a belt from them that was too small, completely forgot about it b/c my son was born, finally called them 10 months later about exchanging it and they said no problem. I only had to pay for postage. That’s how you keep a customer.

  3. Joe momma says:

    FS service is top notch. Been dealing with reina since the pretty much started. Great products. Great service. What can go wrong?