FirstSpear/SKD Tactical – STT Plate Carrier


The Six Twelve Tubes (STT) Plate Carrier is the result of a collaboration between FirstSpear and SKD Tactical. It’s the first plate carrier to feature FirstSpear’s 6/12 and Tubes technology in the set price range.


The plate pockets are sized for most 10″ x 12″ commercial armor plates, in addition to Medium ESAPI/Ceradyne plates. The cummerbund is designed to accept PIG side armor inserts (6″ x 10″) as well as inserts up to 12″ in length. The STT also features loop Velcro strips on the front and back carriers for the integration of PIG AFC Pontoons for increased airflow and padding.

The STT Plate Carrier is available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, and MultiCam, exclusively through SKD Tactical.

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6 Responses to “FirstSpear/SKD Tactical – STT Plate Carrier”

  1. Joe Shmoe says:

    Well crap. It only fits medium plates and I currently have Larges. I was so looking forward to replacing my JPC with this too.

    • mike says:

      there’s still the Strandhogg. There’s a definite price difference, but as someone who owns both (I bought them so I could better discuss product with customers) I can tell you that the Strandhogg is an entire category different than the JPC. The lack of bruising on my trapezius after eight or so hours and no bruising or tenderness on my sternum alone are worth the price of admission. The tubes mean you don’t have to empty your mags or whatever else you put up front to mess with a cummerbund, which also means you don’t have to adjust and readjust for fit every time you don/doff. The fact that there isn’t any real material to hold water and the padding helping mitigate the big wet spot where your plate is also works out.

  2. Ledanek says:

    for those who have it already, how is seating the buttstock? Does the tube get in the way? thanks

  3. Joe says:

    WHOA. I’m in a rush. I just sold my other plate carrier and am wanting to upgrade to the STT, AND SKDTAC is offering a 10% off everything Easter sale. I am wanting to make the purchase, however, the STT is only offered with a cummerbund size in L/XL. I contacted SKDTAC a few days ago and the response stated that the STT is only offered with that size of cummerbund. I’m a pretty skinny guy, and I’m wondering if the L/XL will be just too large. I checked on First Spear’s website, and I noticed that they offer cummerbund sizes in s,m,l, and xl. I’m just curious how LARGE the L/XL is. Would I be making a mistake purchasing it? I just sold a Shellback Tactical Bahshee a few weeks ago, and it barely gave me the snug fit I required (though it worked), but that particular carrier does not list cummerbund options. So, does anyone know just how the two might compare as for cummerbund size.

    Thanks, Joe

  4. Joe says:

    NEVER MIND: I found the answer. I was reading one of the reviews for the cummerbund retro fit kit on skdtac, and one of the reviewers (who asked skdtac directly) mentioned that the S/M cummerbund provides 8 rows of 6/12 attachment slots while the L/XL provides 9 rows. FYI

  5. Joe says:

    Nevermind on the STT: Check this out. HUGE!!! Unless you all think there is something seriously wrong with the cummerbund (as in a big mess up) you should check out these pics.