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TNVC – Universal Re-Focus Ring (RFR)

In this video, Eric talks about the STS Universal Re-Focus Ring, and demos its features.


9 Responses to “TNVC – Universal Re-Focus Ring (RFR)”

  1. Will says:

    All this new tech is great now the wars are over, would have been great a decade ago…
    Lightweight armor, improved camo, better ballistic helmets, better ammo… Our next war will be awesome!

    • Patrick says:

      sometimes war is the only way technology advances.

      • Darkstar says:

        Exactly. Although what the Nazi’s did during WWII was atrocious, they did advance technology greatly. They developed the STG-44, the worlds first assault rifle which then lead to the development of the AK and so forth. They were able to create the first full production line of Turbojet powered fighter aircraft in the ME-262. Jet technology at that time was more of a novelty than it was practical, they made it happen. Helmet design: our PASGT helmets look oddly similar to the Wehrmacht helmets. Their tactics are now studied by tacticians worldwide. They proved the Tank was invaluable in modern warfare. Their technology went beyond that and they were testing some things that were far ahead of their times. All because of War… “Necessity is the mother of all invention”

  2. Timmay says:

    I feel ya Will, bet somebody said the same thing in october 1945 too though. Five years later…

  3. MATBOCK CEO says:

    Gents, let’s not forget that men in women are in harms way everyday, “war” or not – in and out of countries that we may have been at war with before. Not to mention theses warriors require daily training. Lastly these advances aren’t only used by military – Law enforcement and civilian benefit greatly from these technology advances as well.

  4. seans says:

    So why don’t you just put a hole in your Nods cover or if you got the money just buy the Phokus Hoplites so you NODs auto focus? This seems to almost be a step backwards.

    • seans says:

      Just realized Matbock made a similar product to the Hoplites. So was curious what the exact point of these was.

      • SSD says:

        Phokus Research Group also makes a focus aid. It’s about options.

      • TheMirage says:

        Another point to note is things like the the Hoplite and other devices that offer greater range definition also reduce clarity as the amount of light is reduced. The RFI doesn’t effect light input so when you see close is still nice and bright. All about options.