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While I was previewing FirstSpear’s current line up over the Summer, a really cool duffel-style bag stuck out. It had a couple of compartments and this awesome mesh pocket attached to the end that accepts their Helmet Hut. It was beyond cool. I’ve been after them for some time to create a video because it’s got so many neat features. In this week’s Friday Focus, FirstSpear has satisfied that request. Behold, the Speed Bag!

FirstSpear took the basic issue duffel bag and completely modernized it for use with modern PPE, adding several features.

FS_Speedbag (3)

In addition to the Helmet Hut, the Speed Bag also accepts several other accessories including the 6/12 organizer panel, padded weapon insert, and shoulder straps.

FS_Speedbag (4)

The stowable Reinforced Long-Haul Shoulder Straps are pretty innovative and the set stows out of the way in a sleeve on the top of the Speed Bag when not needed to carry heavy loads.

FS_Speedbag Straps

In addition to accommodating the Helmet Hut, that mesh pocket at the end of the Speed Bag is great for dirty or wet clothing and boots, keeping them segregated form your other gear. At the opposite end of the Speed Bag there’s an external zippered pocket that fits a fully loaded FirstSpear Fight Strap which is a bandoleer that accommodates 5 magazines to get you quickly into the fight or rapid resupply to those already there.

FS_Speedbag (5)

Two full-length zippered compartments on each side of the bag are sized to fit short-barreled rifles, sub-guns, or a breaching shotgun. They accept the Speed Bag Weapon Insert Panel (Sold Separately). In addition to protecting your weapon during transport, these panels will can be folded out flat for weapons maintenance or used as a hasty mat for shooting on rocky ground.

FS_Speedbag (6)

Length: 28″ Height: 14″ Width: 13″ Made in USA and offered in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.

FirstSpear would like to offer a cool deal. When you purchase a Speed Bag, you will receive one free 6/12 organizer panel to help organize your kit as well as a free Padded Breakaway Sling.



4 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Speed Bag”

  1. John says:

    Sucks to be Ronnie.

  2. Desert Lizard says:

    That’s truly an awesome bag.

  3. Ryan says:

    Roller wheels would be a nice touch.

    When you have your field pack and weapon to carry, really sucks having to lift another piece of kit to throw you off balance.

    Those shoulder straps are only slightly useful if you don’t need to take a field pack out….

    • SSD says:

      That takes it to a whole different in weight and cost. I have one and it’s more than manageable with the shoulder straps.