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Slumberjack – Thermal Cloak First Impressions

Slumberjack revealed their SJK Tactical Hunting Gear line during SHOT 2014. The line includes packs, insulated tree stand bags, and tents, all made from durable, lightweight materials in Kryptek camouflage.

Thermal 1

We recently got a hold of a product in the upcoming line, the SJK Tactical Thermal Cloak. The Thermal Cloak is designed to offer protection from the elements as well as act as a personal blind. Tactical hood styling allows the wearer to maintain peripheral vision and hearing. The fabrics used are waterproof and seam taped to repel wind, rain, and snow, while 160g of synthetic insulation keeps the wearer warm. The bottom of the cloak is open to allow the wearer to feel the edges of their tree stand to ensure proper footing. The cloak can also be cinched up around the wearer’s knees for increased mobility. The arm ports are self-sealing (via magnets) that allow for the wearer to move into a firing position. The front zipper and hand warmer pocket help regulate temperature.


The 160g of insulation cloak keeps the wearer warm, and the fleece around the collar area is a nice touch that adds a bit more comfort to the cloak.

The arm ports are spacious, and secure using magnets. This is a nice feature for when trying to stay quiet, although the position of the magnets does leave a bit of open spacing for cold to get in. There are also front-side handwarming pockets to help regulate temperature.

The hood features a rear elastic retention band for adjustment. This is a nice feature as it allows the user to tailor the hood to the size they require, so as to maintain peripheral vision and for comfort.

The bottom of the cloak features split sides that secure with magnets like the arm ports. They quickly and quietly separate when mobile, and snap back together when stationary. There are also cinches with loops to raise the bottom of the cloak to knee level if additional mobility is required.

Thermal 6

The Thermal Cloak utilizes a front side zipper. This is also supported by magnets like the arm ports, so that the user can quietly secure the front opening without manipulating the zipper, and/or maintain ventilation when wearing the cloak.

Thermal 12

The Thermal Cloak also comes with its own stuff sack.

Functionality wise, the Thermal Cloak fulfills its purpose well. It keeps its wearer warm, and is designed to operate as quietly as possible, as expected from a product meant for use when hunting.

Expect to see the SJK Tactical Hunting Gear line available later this year.


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6 Responses to “Slumberjack – Thermal Cloak First Impressions”

  1. mike says:

    I really like the look and idea of this. I really want to get my hands on the mobile mummy from Sierra Designs and this has a very similar feel but wrapped in Highlander!

    • maresdesign says:

      SD is our parent company but the mobile mummy is sleeping bag while the SJK Cloak is a cold-weather concealment system. Not to say one couldn’t use the Cloak as a summer weather sleep system.

  2. Veteran says:

    Does anyone know how this product compares to the HPG Serape?

  3. maresdesign says:

    Should be in stores late May early June.

  4. LM says:

    I hope more companies start to go this route, as it is very difficult to find Ecotat sleep systems.

    The HPG Serape is a good substitute, but this is good. Cant wait for more info.

  5. Keld says:

    Looks like an updated design with the hood, from the old Jerven bags