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Hyde Definition Announces PenCott BlackOps


Today, Hyde Definition has announced the latest addition to the PenCott family, the PenCott BlackOps “urban” pattern – first seen as a sneak-preview for SPARTANAT at the IWA exhibition in Nuremberg.

Designed for LE, Government agency, and Military Special Operations units, in addition to functioning as a “lifestyle pattern”, PenCott BlackOps enables the tactical operator to “own the night and dominate the fight.” BlackOps will compliment units’ existing black kit, and is the “perfect pattern for disappearing into the shadows of the man-made landscape, and for projecting a an intimidating, show-of-force image to visually and psychologically dominate your opponents.”


In the above photo, Lawrence Holsworth, Hyde Definition’s Director of Business Development and Marketing, is seen wearing a Tactical Polo in the BlackOps pattern. BlackOps will be available exclusively on Silent Knight noiseless, stain-resistant, static-free, knit fabric.


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7 Responses to “Hyde Definition Announces PenCott BlackOps”

  1. straps says:

    If I was running this particular April Fool’s shenanigan I would say the guy to Lawrence’s right is wearing the new camo. Which would get me sued by Guy Cramer.

  2. NOLA says:

    That guy has tits.

  3. Timmay says:

    So, this is the one day of the year when SSD has a sense of humor?

  4. 99990 says:

    Hahaha very good SSD :-)

  5. Reverend says:

    Haha. Inalmost believed it. I was looking to see the pattern in it.

  6. Grunz says:

    Sad thing is this barely reads as an April fools joke, so many of the new dark gray/black “urban” patterns are so damn useless but are sold with so much taciticool hype…

    • m5 says:

      Oh no, not them too! That was my first thought, reading this on the 4th of April, being no longer suspicious. I think the joke made it pretty clear what Hyde thinks about the “new black” and other recent tacticoolness.

      Well done Hyde! 😀