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Gorilla Ammunition – .300BLK Subsonic 208gr Hornady A-MAX

Gorilla A-MAX .300BLK

Gorilla Ammunition is now selling a .300BLK Subsonic cartridge featuring the 208gr Hornady A-MAX bullet. This highly accurate cartridge is great for hunting and practice alike, and, being subsonic, is best used with a suppressor.

Gorilla A-MAX .300BLK Cartridge

You can check out the ballistics of the new cartridge using the table below. The data was measured in Gorilla Ammunition’s own ballistic lab utilizing a Daniel Defense DDM5v5 chambered for 300 BLK w/ 16″ barrel and AAC SDN-6 suppressor. The velocity was measured using Oehler System 85 Ballistic Instrumentation.

V-Max table



2 Responses to “Gorilla Ammunition – .300BLK Subsonic 208gr Hornady A-MAX”

  1. Airborne_fister says:

    Are they able to cycle the weapon, if the weapon is semi auto?

  2. Andrew Clark says:

    What’s the barrel length for the published ballistics data?