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Spam Can “Hook & Loop” Patches


Gunwebsites has designed 7.62×39 and 7.62x54r spam can Velcro patches, yet found the borders were “off” and decided to gauge interest “as-is” by holding a funding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign was successful enough that they even expanded the line to include a 5.45×39 spam can patch. Although the campaign has reached its funding goal, there are still backing rewards available for those who are interested.


6 Responses to “Spam Can “Hook & Loop” Patches”

  1. zach says:

    Something Russian having a border issue you say.

  2. Bushman says:

    How about the right spelling instead of something in Cold War times movie style?

  3. STEPAN1983 says:

    Its a pseudo-russian pile of random cyrillic letters. The only readble words are “??????? ????????” looks like english “HUNTINM CARTRIGM”

  4. m5 says:


    What’s a “spam can”? Some sort of ammo storage can? With velcro patch indicating the contents, albeit inaccurate in detail? I can see the need for an unconventional funding scheme for this, eh, joke.

    Btw, I’ll stick with proper ammo cans for my stockpile of 7.62×39, thank you.