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Warrior West – Inert Products – Platoon-Level IED Training Kit

Designed to offer quality IED training for those who don’t have access to established IED training lanes, the Platoon-Level IED Training Kit from Inert Products offers tripwire, photo cell, two-way radio, key fob, low metal content pressure plate, mercury switch and trembler switch. Additionally, the kit includes 100′ of wire and several IED mock ups.


The primary training tool is the penalty box that offers strobe or siren alarm and it runs on power from 6-12v.

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3 Responses to “Warrior West – Inert Products – Platoon-Level IED Training Kit”

  1. SGT says:

    I am a counter IED instructor and I can the you right now that those kits can be useful BUT you can make a kit for 1/10th the price or less. I would rather see units request reports showing pics of recent IEDs found and those reports declassify after only a month so you can build your own training aids with one trip to the store and one 3 minute dumpster dive and provide even better training for your guys.

  2. JP says:

    Career EOD, and CIED instructor, and I can tell you: buyer beware with this company.

  3. Agent K says:

    Not something you want to go through the airport with either!!