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Orion Applications – Geometric Threat Assessment Course (GTAC) – Carbine – Update

Due to an influx of questions regarding tuition for the upcoming GTAC-Carbine course, Orion Applications has released the following statement:


In regard to our GTAC course May 30th – June 1st we have received a constant stream of questions with reference to the course tuition on the course announcement we put up last week.

“Why is your course so much?” was the common theme. Well, to answer that more effectively, our tuition itself is $800.00, however there is an additional 600.00 fee for the 1000 rounds of UTM 5.56 man marker ammunition. UTM only sells to authorized and certified training companies, therefore we have to order and provide the UTM ammunition for our students. Hence the extra $600.00. I hope that clears up the confusion.

We have had a great response to the course, and there are only 8 seats left for the May course, so if you wish to attend shoot us an email soon. We look forward to a great training kick off for the rest of 2014. If you can’t make it to the May Course, don’t worry as we will be posting the 2014 Schedule here on SSD and on our Facebook on Wednesday!


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