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Blue Force Gear – Vickers Combat Applications Sling Now In Kryptek Patterns


Blue Force Gear is now offering the proven Vickers Combat Applications Sling, as well as the 221 sling, in Kryptek Typhon and Highlander.

The VCAS is constructed from 1.25″ Invista solution dyed Cordura webbing, with color-matched ITW GhillieText Acetal low IR hardware. The overall length of the VCAS is adjustable to accommodate different sized weapons. Triglides are included on the front and back of the sling to attach directly to sling swivels, loops, slots, or other mounting solutions.

The 221 sling combines the effectiveness of the VCAS with the ability to be converted to a single point sling. By disengaging the RED swivel knob from the included button push swivel and reinserting it into the Molded Burnsed Socket on the webbing towards the rear, the 221 converts into a one point sling while retaining the instantaneous adjustment of the VCAS.

Available for a limited time only.



7 Responses to “Blue Force Gear – Vickers Combat Applications Sling Now In Kryptek Patterns”

  1. mike says:

    Welp, I guess I needed a fifth VCAS after all…

  2. Carlos says:

    Of course, I just bought a VCAS 221 three days ago…

  3. Jim L. says:

    I want…

  4. Hey I just wanted to jump in here and say thanx to all of the users and supporters of the BFG VCAS – all the crew at BFG and myself really appriciate the support

    And as always thanx to SSD for the excellent coverage and support – outstanding as usual

    • Stefan S. says:

      Keep up the good work and take care brother!

    • Kris says:

      Mr Vickers,

      Thank you and BFG for such a great product! I have used one on my work rifle for all of my deployments, the only time I needed to replace one is when it went missing in the arms room(armorer said it had to come off for an inspection and he had no idea where he put it). I now own three one on the work rifle and two at home on an AR and Tavor. They are the only sling I use for any of my non hunting rifles.

  5. JS says:

    still my favorite sling…..