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Mision Workshop – Limited Edition Cargo Packs With COBRA Buckle

MCBlack Cargo Pack

For a limited time, Mission Workshop is offering variants of the Vandal and Rambler expandable cargo packs which include a removable AustriAlpin COBRA buckle closure and are made with MultiCam Black 330D Cordura fabric.

The packs feature a water-resistant main compartment which can either be used in “roll-top” or “flap-down” configurations. They can expand to double their size, allowing for extra capacity when needed.

MCBlack cargo pack 2

The packs also feature multiple water-resistant compartments, urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, and a carbon fiber reinforced internal frame suspension system. Front zippered pocket fits most 15in laptop computers or any tablet, a 17in laptop can fit in the rear rolltop compartment. COBRA buckles come in the following color options: Black, Gunmetal, Sliver, Copper, and Gold.

MCBlack cargo pack 3

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.


2 Responses to “Mision Workshop – Limited Edition Cargo Packs With COBRA Buckle”

  1. Samuel Leoon Suggs says:

    If it came in a color other than multicam black (the official camoflage pattern of roided SWAT d-bags who think their basically SOF but couldn’t pass the ASVAB if they made it a team effort) I might be interested but as it stands no way in hell. I Ike how they have like seven buckle options for buckle color but its splochy black or nothing for the bag itself.

    • Notorious F.O.B says:

      they’re going for a more fashion-forward design, and multicam black is the more acceptable of the patterns for that regard.