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Darley Defense Days – T3 Gear


T3 Gear’s HANS pack is a day pack with removable straps. The pack itself can be attached to an armor carrier, vest, or larger pack using the attached MOLLE-compatible clips or straps. The main compartment is sized to fit up to a 117 radio, with three concealable top ports for antenna. A separate hydration compartment is made from dive mesh.


Zippered side admin pouches fit additional antenna or Nalgene bottles. A rear tactical helmet pouch is reinforced with dive mesh for drainage, with strap cinches for retention. Additionally, the HANS features a rear general purpose admin pouch and Velcro loop for ID.


Available in standard colors and camouflages including MultiCam, Coyote Brown, and Black.

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11 Responses to “Darley Defense Days – T3 Gear”

  1. Mateo says:

    Looks interesting. The product description hasn’t been added to the T3 product page yet. Anybody out there know about the dimensions and whether it has any kind of suspension?

  2. JC says:

    Looks a bit like a Yote, but wider from bottom to top. I’m curious about the dimensions too, whether you can run a 117 AND a 3L hydration bladder in it a the same time, and what sort of beat down it’s had in initial T&E.

    With its setup as a possible direct-to-armor pack, there probably isn’t any suspension in the sense of yoke that would work in concert with armor. The price point at $289.00 retail is just about getting down to the really practical level for an assault pack.

  3. El Guapo says:

    Looks like a Yote knock off, the pic on the website doesn’t show a hydration bladder yet costs more than a Yote? No thanks.

    • paul says:

      Except that the yote is too small for anything useful. In this you can fit a Nalgene in the side pockets and a 117 in the main. A little pricey, sure, it’s brand fucking new.

      • CK says:

        Beg to differ on that one. I have no issues carrying a 117F, iridium, ro phone, 3x 5.56 mags, smoke grenade, spare blade antenna, man-pack satcom x-wing, 2125 antenna, spare AA, AAA, 123 batteries, cop mic, 5 water bottles and some snacks for a 24hr op in mine. Only needed to add an ATS small horizontal utility pouch on the bottom to carry an extra 5590 and 2x harris 152 batteries.

        • JC says:

          That’s what I was about to mention too. I don’t own a Yote, but I remember a Kit Up review a Soldier wrote and he was specifically showing how he had run a 117 in it in his role as an RTO.

          If you can get away with a 3L bladder plus 2x Nalgene 1L bottles in this bag, on top of a 117 (or similar mission-essential item like an APERS, biometric device, TSE kit items, 100 rd 7.62 belt, etc.), that’s a good thing.

          I’m beginning to wonder if the bladder is a standard 3L deal, or one of the smaller capacity ones.

        • paul says:

          Well, you’re obviously a better packer than I am then.

    • JC says:

      As with most gear websites, just a few more pictures would go a longggg way to improving customer service and sales.

      I have never understood why some companies just don’t get it.

  4. PLiner says:

    Looks sort of similar to the one I have from TYR Tactical.The one I have from TYR is also front mount jumpable when used as a regular pack. Good to see more selection on the market.

  5. SGT Rock says:

    Personally I think the price point is a little high compared to some other similar packs on the market.