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Jamie Wiedeman Returns to SureFire!

You read it right. Jamie Wiedeman has returned full time to SureFire. I’ve known Jamie for several years and he is a great, and very talented guy. Congratulations!

Jamie Wiedeman

Jamie Wiedeman returns to SureFire, LLC as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Jamie joined the SureFire team in October 2004 as a Military Sales Rep, introducing the FA556-212 suppressor to USASOC. In July 2005, Jamie was promoted to Government Liaison supporting the SureFire International and Military Sales Team with technical and tactical expertise. As SureFire grew, in April 2007, Jamie was promoted to Director of Military Sales responsible for all US military, select US Government Law Enforcement Agencies, TLS Contractors, and OEM weapon manufacturers. In March 2010, Jamie became a consultant for SureFire while providing training to military and law enforcement agencies.

Jamie served in the US Army from August 1982 – September 2003 in 2/505 PIR, 82nd ABN DIV, 1st Bn. 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Bn. 75th Ranger Regiment, and USASOC.

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4 Responses to “Jamie Wiedeman Returns to SureFire!”

  1. Haji says:

    This is going to prove to be a great hire. Conga rats, Jamie!

  2. Mike Mike says:

    Hey Jamie! Surefire customer service SUX! I hope one of the reasons you were brought back is because of this. The store where I bought my SOCOM can I waited over a year to get it in. They are still waiting on the dozen or more they ordered. The guy that comes by that store selling them, a distributor I believe is his title, is always lying saying they will be in in a couple of weeks. Also anytime I have ordered from the website they never inform you that an item is on backorder. I pay for fast shipping but when I don’t receive the item I have to call only to be told its a back order item. So a month later I receive it though I paid more for faster shipping. Hope you can do something about all this. Good luck.

    • Mike Mike,

      Currently all suppressors are in stock. Initially we were back ordered on SOCOM suppressors due to military contracts AND overwhelming requests from the commercial market. I am a customer also, and I have purchased every model of suppressor SureFire manufactures. As a customer, I also experienced delays in shipping when I paid for expedited shipping durring the Holiday shutdown. Before I read your comments, I had brought this topic up to our customer service team. It’s encouraging that although you have valid complaints, you remain a fan of our products due to the quality. Thanks for your feedback. Call the me in the office, send me an email, and I will make it up to you.



  3. John J Rambo says:

    This is great news. If anybody can get Surefire back on track and listening to the customer it is Jamie. Surefire is often it’s own worst enemy…