Blue Force Gear – BFG Wallet

BFG Wallet

Blue Force Gear’s BFG wallet was designed to be “… worthy of the hundreds of thousands of military athletes, world travelers and adventurers who count on [their] gear to help them save the day.” Featuring an outer cover crafted from BFG’s proprietary ULTRAcomp high performance laminate, the BFG wallet includes a full length bill pocket, side pocket, and four card pockets that can hold 12 or more cards. The pocket placement is optimized for flatness, with a slim profile. The inside is laser marked, and the BFG blue reticle icon is present on the exterior.

BFG Wallet 2

Available in MultiCam. Made in the USA.


13 Responses to “Blue Force Gear – BFG Wallet”

  1. AbnMedOps says:

    Haven’t held it my hands yet, but this seems to share the shortcomings of every wallet I’ve looked at to replace my worn-out, 20 year-old (and no longer made) Eagle Creek wallet. The sideways card pockets present too much likelyhood of spilling out other cards.

    Many military personnel must, several times per day, do a little drill of reach in cargo pocket, set wallet on lap, extract CAC ID card, swipe or display card, return card to slot in wallet, return wallet to cargo pocket…all by touch only, while driving a vehicle and watching the brake lights ahead. And trying to get in the lane with the hot MP chick on gate guard.

    Card slots should be vertical, to reduce chance of dumping everything.

  2. Dustin Downard says:

    I like the wallet a lot but I can’t say I’ll ever use Multicam. Last time I had a camo wallet was because it was the cool thing to do in basic training.

    Does it by any chance come in Kryptek Typhon?

    • Matthew says:

      Doesn’t seem like other colours/patterns are on offer yet. I’d like to see just plain black, but Typhon could work. I’m not a fan of any item that appears military in nature due to the material colour or pattern, and I’m sure there are many others with the same viewpoint.

  3. fingerfish says:

    $50? Seriously?

  4. Ed says:

    I dropped my wallet somewhere around here, but i don’t see it…..

    • Bushman says:

      Actually, I was in this situation once. Dropped my wallet from the cargo pocket on my pants while getting out of truck. It was DIY wallet made of some Realtree Cordura fabric. And, surprise – I was able to find it 12 hours later on the same place, in the night – nobody else, who had no idea it should be there, picked it up (tens of people passed that road). So, camo pattern can work not only against you in this case.

  5. Mike Nomad says:

    From personal experience, the card pockets on this wallet are oriented to reduce the likelihood of dumping the lot: they open toward the fold. Vertical orientation makes their contents easier to access, and makes it easier to lose something. Easy access or security, pick one.

    Definitely need something besides Multicam (At least Black. Wolf Grey or Foliage Green would be nice), then I’m in.

  6. Matt says:

    $50.00 for a wallet that has $1.50 in materials -well let’s say a bit over priced
    A $50.00 camo wallet that let’s others look at me and say a bit kooky-um no
    A $50.00 camo wallet that I can drop with $100.00 bucks of cash in and never again find – priceless. Lol
    Way to go BFG and SH yet another worthless overpriced product the tactical world could do without. Below are a few FREE R&D / Product ideas for your future development.
    1. Multicam Toilet paper despenser cover-you don’t need anything sneaking up on your paper bro!
    2.Multicam Condom Holder-you never know when the need will arise for a intimate evening and a item you’ll be needing can’t be found.
    Pat Rodgers Special AKA (Multicam Tampax Holder) well I guess this one needs no discription.
    Or how about this (I won’t charge you for this bit of industry insider info) How about a ORIGINAL idea not a crye, BAE,Eagle,or LBT rehashed piece of gear made with original materials not a “cost effective” solution.
    SH, I think all that time you spent with Yeager has melted your brain.

  7. Luke says:

    This is definitely one of the best “tactical” wallets I’ve seen, some companies seem to think just making it camo or cordura is cool enough and never bother to put much thought into design. It even looks like they threw a seam in so you don’t have to dig all the way to the bottom for your bills. Bravo!
    And as someone who has made several wallets, $50 ain’t bad, wallets are a huge PITA to construct in my book.

  8. Craig says:

    Poor design and WAY overpriced.

    Just like their ballcap @ $50.00

    Seems BFG is going downhill,trying to gain some of the lost military $$ since force reduction on stupid shit.


  9. wokka says:

    Honestly guys, every company has room for some toys!

    I think when you look at their carriers and pouches BFG are doing a good job and driving kit forward.

    I hope the range expands a bit but i can’t be upset that they’ve made a wallet!!!