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San Tan Gear – ExecPro Armored Laptop/Messenger Bag

ExecPro Armored Bag

San Tan Gear has developed a computer bag with 2 concealed NIJ Level IIIA ballistic insert panels. The bag has a built-in hidden ambidextrous holster, two rear straps for use as a shield, and a flashing strobe for signaling. A tab strap under the carrying handle drops the rear ballistic panel, providing 270 square inches of shielding. The inserts have a 2″ overlap so bullets and fragments won’t pass through them. The ExecPro was designed for:

– Students or employees working in a firearm restricted area
– Judges, attorneys, bankers, and other high profile people
– Plain-Clothes Law Enforcement Officers
– Personal Security Details
– Everyday people who realize violence can happen anywhere

Made in the USA. Berry compliant.



3 Responses to “San Tan Gear – ExecPro Armored Laptop/Messenger Bag”

  1. Jon D. says:

    Thanks for the post, SSD!

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  2. Desert Lizard says:

    I like this idea.

  3. Riceball says:

    All they need to do is add some straps so that it can be worn as make shift body armor and demonstrate it being used against knife and baton attacks and it will be just like a similar product from Germany(?). All kidding aside, although there is a similar product out there, this is a good idea and a whole lot more practical than the German(?) one since this works as an actual briefcase where as the other one is just meant to be used just as an “in case of emergency” type item.