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Warrior East – SureFire Releases 2211 Luminox Wrist Mounted Light


The 2211 Luminox combines the capabilities of the 2211 wrist light with an embedded Luminox watch. It offers three light settings: Hi – 300 lumens (1 hour), Med – 60 lumens (4 hour), Low – 15 lumens (13 hours). It features a USB rechargeable battery. Shipping now.


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13 Responses to “Warrior East – SureFire Releases 2211 Luminox Wrist Mounted Light”

  1. bob says:


    Thats just ridiculous. But dont get me wrong its really cool though.

  2. Tackleberry says:

    No Thank You. I will continue to keep the two tool separate.

  3. Josh says:


  4. BrettW says:

    Luminox – The Navy SEAL watch no Navy SEAL is issued…

  5. joe says:

    Call me when it has a James bond laser instead of a flashlight

  6. Canadian says:

    All that weight, AND you have to recharge the battery. Someone needs a talking to over this monstrosity.

  7. tazman66gt says:

    as big as it is it should have a GPS and a thermometer/barometer/altimeter to it and something better than a rechargeable battery, they could have solar powered it and recharged the battery that way or charge the battery by movement.

  8. mark says:

    I would much prefer a normal sized watch with a built in 4 lumen light like the kind used in the Photon II microlight. Perfect for 80% of lighting tasks without the bulk, and runs of standard cr2032 watch batteries.

  9. Grayson says:


    An Agent Franks sized watch.

    Should I be impressed or horrified? :)

  10. CRH says:

    Dear surefire, stop making stupid useless shit no body wants, stop making 876 versions of over priced hand held lights that all pretty much do the same thing and get back to your core competency which is building weapon lights. While you have been wasting time, money and engineering resources on this little gem, which I am sure has been flying off the shelves I have been waiting 5 years for a the X400 Vampire and the Mini scout Vampire.
    Thanks sincerely,
    John Q. Tactical.

  11. Desert Lizard says:

    Now I don’t have to duct tape the 9 million lumen flood lamp to my arm anymore.