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SKD Tactical Announces Cam Anderson As New ‘Marketing Jedi’

Cam Anderson

SKD Tactical is proud to announce the recent addition of Cam Anderson to their team as Marketing Jedi. He has spent his professional career developing marketing programs and business operations within consumer products and technology industries for companies such as Microsoft and Xbox. But, Cam is happiest when shredding downhill mountain bike trails or being verbally abused by 12-year olds on Call of Duty.

When asked about the opportunity, Cam responded by saying, “I am incredibly proud to be part of the SKD team and excited to work with a group of people who constantly drink and wear no pants to meetings.” While at SKD, Cam’s professional responsibilities will include strategizing and executing all marketing activities related to the SKD brand as well as creating a file directory for the company’s official Porn hard drive. His non-professional responsibilities will include wearing his Zombie clown mask in public at inappropriate times (yes, he really owns a Zombie clown mask).



3 Responses to “SKD Tactical Announces Cam Anderson As New ‘Marketing Jedi’”

  1. Rogue Male says:

    Here’s a marketing tip for Cam: try to get SKD to stop charging $35.25 postage to send 1 tactical cap to Canada.

  2. DI says:

    Keep em’ coming Joe!
    SKD Ninjas FTW!

  3. kevin says:

    The juvenile humor is getting tired and it has potential to discourage sales from agencies.