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Viva Noveske… Indeed!

Those Noveske folks sure know how to party.



25 Responses to “Viva Noveske… Indeed!”

  1. Brewis says:

    Such excess.
    RIP Noveske, confirmed June 2014.

    • Rob says:

      Sadly I concur.

    • pnwto says:

      Any insight as to why you would say that?

      • Brewis says:

        This video is less “”we aren’t a faceless company- see? We have fun” and more “look at what we have, look at what you don’t have. What are you going to do, cry about it?”.
        Talking about sin is hardly a relevant point in this field, but when your company video has every sin in it, un-ironically, then you might need to reconsider your company priorities. If you work for a company where management wastes money on personal details, you know why this is a problem.
        A “basic” upper made by this company costs more than what a completed American rifle should cost. ARs are not meant to cost 2, 3 thousand dollars. They are supposed to be available for responsible Americans for protection, target shooting, and hunting. Not gilded icons of wealth. I understand companies need to make money, but when the average cost of these rifles constantly rise by the year- you aren’t adjusting your balances, you’re inflating the dollar in the firearms market.
        This video cost atleast one of these rifles (over one thousand dollars) to produce. And for a ‘we can have fun’ video, that’s excess. Simplify your marketing and put that savings into the rifle costs. Simplicity is hard, but respectable.

        • Terry B says:


          Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I watched the video and I don’t see “every sin” on display as you claim. But that is just me – and my sin-o-meter is admittedly not that sensitive.

          Your personal (subjective) view on the relative value of the company’s product is also noted. But I would say it depends on what the market decides – not your individual opinion or mine.

          So, if you can produce a similar high quality product at a fraction of the cost – as you say Noveske should…be my guest.

          When you get your production facility up and running and generate a reputation for producing quality firearms and components please let me know. I might buy something from you.

          • Brewis says:

            Creating the components of firearms is not my trade. I never hinted that I would, or could, create a part of equal/higher quality than this manufacturer (and I never questioned the quality of the parts produced), so thank you no. It was a weak counter.
            I use the word “sin”, like, twice a year- so don’t take my use of it here as my view of the world, but 1:27 and licking them lollipops, boy howdy. (A subdivision of gluttony in that the ‘coating insects in sugar for a snack’ is a meal too elaborate to respond to hunger. See “Laute” – eating food that is too luxurious, exotic, or costly and “Studiose” – eating food that is too daintily or elaborately prepared. I’m not serious about viewing the world like this, but there’s another example for what in my personal/subjective view you missed).
            No one’s correct, no one’s wrong. That’s the art of discussion. This is nice, gg so re

            • PNW_Tree_Octopus says:

              You’re really serious about the “sin” thing aren’t you?

              Holy shit.

          • Brewis says:

            I forgot to add that the revolving bubble scene was the best.

        • Ironman8 says:

          I think you should stick with Bushmaster.

        • Terry Warlock says:

          You’re reading entirely too much into this video, bro. Noveske rifles *are* expensive, no question, but they have that rep and price for a reason. That’s because they really do produce a great barrel and do more quality control checks on their components than 90% of the companies out there.

          Companies with a different culture other than “beep boop beep make the parts and ship the gun” are a good thing: see AAC pre Freedom Group, Silencerco, now Noveske. If you want value, then there’s plenty of companies that fill your checkboxes.

          also, perhaps one could view this video as a celebration, consdering what has happened to Noveske. A small business losing their CEO/spokesman/head machinist is more often than not a deathknell, so for them to be thriving in spite of John dying is cause to make a lighthearted fun vid. Just sayin’.

        • Stefan S. says:

          Keep your moronic comments to yourself. John made top tier weapons. Guess a Mercedes should be 15K in your head?

          • Brewis says:

            You’re just mad because you’re angry.
            Others mad respectable points, you drop names.
            gg no re for you S.S.

  2. Bluenoser says:


  3. See Bowl says:

    I swear that I have had that exact same dream before…

  4. DZ says:

    Mexican wrestling masks, girls, guns, moto, and lots of fun. Digging it!

  5. SGT Rock says:

    Most importantly, who are the female trigger pullers?

  6. CRH says:

    Fucking AWESOME! I really enjoy a company that can be creative and doesn’t take itself to seriously and get away from all the multicam clad operatoresque tough guy shit, and it doesn’t hurt that they make bad ass rifles too. Great work guys!!

  7. Fox says:

    Yeah, if you are confused by this video- then you need to visit Oregon. This is exactly how we celebrate the weekends.

  8. Pieter says:

    Great vid! Anyone know who did the soundtrack?

  9. GW says:

    That’s a video that is packed full of win. I am envious, the video shows a side of the gun culture that is expanding exponentially. In short I dig it.
    What is great about this country is that you can voice your opinion where you wish with no fear of alienation for your views. Simply express yourself, be a company that brings a great product to market, honor a great man, and have fun. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. The Market chooses the winners and losers, opinions do not. VIVA NOVESKE!!!

  10. 18D says:


  11. Mike Nomad says:

    Watched the video, and I’m not seeing the wretched excess that others do. The video was well done, goes for a little of the surreal, etc.

    From a production perspective, the video is rather conservative. Easiest way to hit a 2:45 TRT with fewer setups: Slow Motion.

    Yeah, their guns are expensive, and they seem to be put together well. While the Cost/Benefit Analysis calculations show that Noveske is not the solution for me, it is clear that Noveske is the solution for others.