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NFM Group – EC Paint Application Tutorial Video

NFM Group has released a new video detailing how to properly pre-treat for and apply their EC Paint to a weapon. While the video was developed with EC Paint in mind, you could easily apply these practices to virtually any weapon or gear paint.


Video concept by: www.designedtofight.com


6 Responses to “NFM Group – EC Paint Application Tutorial Video”

  1. b_a says:

    Can I use all kind of tape for covering parts I don’t want to spray or does any content of the paint might solve some adhesives or polymers?
    Can I spray webbing without reducing tearing strength and what about Cordura and PU-coated Cordura?
    Does anybody know?

  2. Brian says:

    If I was to go as far as slapping on paint in this fashion! Which I would never do unless I was in the field of battle. I would be damned to pay more than the basic krylon paint!

    • straps says:

      The advantage this product offers over cheaper more widely available alternatives is NIR compliance. Hardware store paint goes hot or cold under NODs.

      Not many need this, but with NODs becoming more prevalent it fills a niche.

  3. Tackleberry says:

    Maybe over a base of one of a light colored cerakote, moly-resin, etc. Does anyone Stateside sell this stuff though?