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GEMTECH – Vote For Your Favorite Local Agency


Once a month, GEMTECH will be giving away an Extreme Duty suppressor to a nominated Law Enforcement Agency, whether it be local police, sheriff, or other Law Enforcement Agency. The nominator of the winning agency receives a GEMTECH prize pack. The contest starts on the 1st of each month and will run through the entire month. A winner will be announced the following month. Entries are limited to one entry per person per day.


13 Responses to “GEMTECH – Vote For Your Favorite Local Agency”

  1. MECHgrunt32 says:

    Why does a law enforcement professional need a suppressor? It appears to me to be another SEAL wannabe-policeman.

    • PNW_Tree_Octopus says:

      If you ever had the likelihood of discharging your weapon in a vehicle or indoors, wouldn’t you want one?

      Wouldn’t you want a suppressor if you may have to fire around people who can sue your agency later?

      Wouldn’t you want one to protect your hearing and to prolong your career?

      Wouldn’t an agency want to provide them to officers for all the reasons above?

      Think about what the equipment does before you say some nonsense on the ‘net.

      • Vic says:

        I was going to help clarify the a few of the reasons, but PNW_Tree_Octopus already made my case. Hopefully, sometime in the not so distant future suppressors will be removed from the NFA. It might surprise a few of the cop haters out there, but most of us want less gun laws, That includes suppressers and SBRs. Suppressors aren’t a “SEAL Wanabe” item, rather they are a very effective safety device and have more pros then cons.

  2. Mike says:

    NIHL almost cost me the chance at pursing a law enforcement career after the leaving the military.

    Thank you GEMTECH, awesome chance for true professionals to get the gear they deserve to not only protect the lives others but also their personal health.

    • MECHgrunt32 says:

      Well after 2 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, my hearing is still pretty good. Personally, I like the noise my weapon created when i discharged it. Knowing that they were being fired at usually dissuaded most (some) of the bad guys i encountered from further ill-deed. There is zero evidence of any police force being sued for discharging a weapon while in the line of duty because of the noise derived from the event (by bystanders). Also I am absolutely aware of what these items do and are capable of with and without the compatible ammunition. Thanks misunderstanding me. I was stating that as a law enforcement professional there is no need for a line officer to be equipped with these items. Especially when their primary duty weapon is a pistol and not an assault rifle. I was also commenting on the increased focus of weapons being the primary part of these jobs rather than a focus on interpersonal communication and deescalating a situation.

      • Joe momma says:


      • Riceball says:

        But you forget that in some departments, LAPD most notably, that ARs are carried in the trunks of some line officers like supervisors. Here in SoCal I’ve actually seen a number of local PD bike cops with ARs attached to their bikes and if bike cops have them you can bet that regular patrol car borne officers have them in the trunks of their squad car as well. So it’s wrong to try to suggest that rifles are the exclusive province of SWAT type units when these days more and more line officers are being equipped with ARs.

        • MECHgrunt32 says:

          I never forgot that in most patrol cars there exists ARs and the like. I am completely aware that after the shoot out in N. Hollywood departments realized the need for these weapons. However I refer you to my comment earlier, where you will see that I am arguing that silencers are the items that are not necessary for normal patrol officers and that since the line officers primary duty is law enforcement and not special tactics and dealing with extraordinary situations they should stick to people skills and not cool-gut gear.

          • Joe_momma says:

            Obviously silencerz are meant only for delta operator seals to cap terrorists in the darkness of a hallway while guy next to him gears nothing! And if he does you use your thrusting knife which will land in his neck!

  3. Mike says:

    What did you say? I can’t hear you.