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MMI Tactical – M240 MAG Pack


MMI Tactical’s MAG (Minimalist Assistant Gunner’s) Pack is designed to provide two man machine gun teams a more efficient way to carry and deploy ammunition. Intended for use by the Assistant Gunner in a manner much like an assault-style pack, the MAG is capable of carrying up to 600 rounds of 7.62 NATO belted ammo organized in easy feed trays rather than loose belts or ammo cans. In addition, the MAG also features a small sustainment pouch, a removable, configurable sleeve for carrying a 100 oz. water bladder, and a system for carrying the M192 tripod. The front flap is equipped with heat resistant material for carrying hot barrels, and is fitted for both short and long M240 barrels.

AG Pack


  • Minimal sustainment storage for a 100 oz water bladder and 2 MRE’s
  • Holds 6 – 100 round belted 7.62 ammunition (Proprietary ammo trays/boxes)
  • Holds the M192 tripod
  • Holds short and long barrels in heatshield/heat resistant pad (1800 degree sewn with Nomex thread)
  • Boxes made from reinforced polymer material and are MOLLE compatible
  • Designed for shorter patrols and should be treated like an assault pack
  • Includes places to hold two cleaning rods
  • Available in MultiCam, Coyote, and AOR1/AOR2 (under contract only).

    www.mmitactical.com – M240 MAG Pack


    5 Responses to “MMI Tactical – M240 MAG Pack”

    1. Onecomment says:

      This gives me a 240 sized erection

    2. That Blue Falcon says:

      Without seeing this in person it looks like a very well thought-out solution to the AG problem!

    3. Desert Lizard says:

      I want one.

    4. straps says:

      This is an update of the packboard method used by mountain troops in WWII.

      Not every duty position can benefit from this approach to load management but more can than use it.

    5. AlexC says:

      “Designed for shorter patrols and should be treated like an assault pack.”

      Like that’s going to be followed…