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Under Armour – Men’s UA Mobtown Shoes


Under Armour’s Mobtown basketball shoe features a slim athletic cut designed to offer better mobility by eliminating the bulk of extra fabric. The camouflage upper, called Dune (it’s not licensed MultiCam, but it’s certainly inspired by Crye’s pattern), is made from water-resistant canvas. The ultra-soft collar lining and full-length Micro G sockliner make up the inside of the shoe.

Also available with a Black full-grain leather upper.


11 Responses to “Under Armour – Men’s UA Mobtown Shoes”

  1. FormerActionGuy says:

    Those are some fugly shoes. But then this generation of potheads and slackers will probably like these.

    • SSD says:

      No one likes a douchebag. If you don’t like something, great.
      If you’ve got actual reasons there are issues with a piece of kit you’ve never actually touched, other than you don’t like how it looks, then join the convo.
      Otherwise, keep it to yourself. Nobody gives a shit about your fashion sense.

    • pogie bait says:

      The same generation of kids in their teens and 20s who volunteered for military service during the longest war the US has fought? Yes, we would probably like these.

    • Mike Nomad says:

      Maybe, maybe not. Certainly looks like some smart Ergonomics Design went into them. Would like to try a pair on, to see (well, feel) if they are doing what I think they are doing.

  2. donaldcrunk says:

    i think they look great! little pricey for a converse clone, though.

  3. Red says:

    That’s the closest fake Multicam I’ve ever seen… haha think it’ll blend with OCP?

  4. zach says:

    Under Armour makes below average footwear and anyone that knows footwear well will tell you that. There are few brands with a worse rep.

    • Felix says:

      UA is not Danner, Meindl, LOWA….UA also isnt K-Swiss, Reebok or Asics.

      So yes i wont cross the alps with their footwear or do a Marathon in them.

      But they also make some decent lightweight boots and shoes that have a place in everyday duty or when hitting the gym. Also most guys that serve love UA 😉

  5. jordan says:

    I just got my pair in the mail and they’re very comfortable and well made. And I am a 19D veteran and current LEO, not some pot smoking hippy slacker. Thanks SSD for keeping up on the great gear and pointy end developments.